An Inside Look at the 4 Major Golf Tournaments

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One of the greatest dynamics of golf is the ever-changing scenery, style, and format of its four championships. The Masters, The PGA Championship, The US Open, and The Open Championship all have distinct qualities that give each tournament a sense of identity.

So allow us to run through each tournament and provide some context for what makes each tournament so special.

The Masters

It is a tradition unlike any other. 

When: April

Where: Augusta, Georgia

Every Spring, golf fanatics come together to rejoice at the start of their sacred season. Sure, in places like California, Arizona, and Florida, you get the chance to play year-round. But for the seasonal, weekend warriors from the other parts of the country… The Masters signifies golf season being upon them. 

The PGA Championship

When: May

Where: Alternates

Since 1916, the PGA Championship has served as one of the four biggest weekends in golf. For almost all of its existence the tournament was hosted during the later parts of the summer, however, that has since changed in recent years and is now slated for the month of May. 

The US Open

When: Father’s Day Weekend, June 

Where: Alternates 

The US Open is widely considered to be the most “difficult” of the four majors. The tournament was founded in 1895 and has the highest earnings total amongst the majors. The US Open takes place on every Father’s Day weekend in June and is one of the great traditions in the sport’s culture. 

The Open Championship

When: July 

Where: Alternates in the United Kingdom 

The Open is golf’s most storied weekend. Since 1860, this tournament has resembled how global of a game golf can be. 

Identifiable by its “links-style” course structure, The Open Championship is oddly unique in its gameplay. Rotating through a small number of courses, including the notorious St. Andrews, The Open normally consists of high winds, light rain, and limited elevation changes. Only 14 courses have ever been used as the host location and only 10 are in use today. 

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