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The master of the Panama Sunrise and owner of one of the best themes in professional wrestling is now #AllElite and has reunited with his former Bullet Club brethren. After spending the last four years and some change doing great things in NXT, Cole left for greener pastures in the wrestling land concocted by Tony Khan and The Elite.

Cole thrived on the indies long before he made his way to the black and gold brand of NXT. And now that he’s in AEW, he can run back a slew of hotly anticipated rematches with some of his oldest rivals. Guys like Adam Page and Daniel Bryan took on Cole in the past, but I’m fully prepared to see them face Cole in the ring once again to create even more classics. For this list of Cole in AEW dream matches, I’m going to list 10 opponents that would make for great first-time foes.

With all the new blood and existing veterans competing in NXT, Cole has a treasure trove of wrestlers to test his mettle against. Now who’s ready for storytime with Elton Jones, bay bay?

1. Andrade El Idolo

andrade el idolo

Can you guys believe that Adam Cole vs. Andrade El Idolo never happened (NOT EVEN ONCE!) while they were both under the NXT umbrella? That fact is unfathomable! Both men have competed against the greats during their storied tenures with the black and gold brand...except each other. This is the sort of dream match that AEW could capitalize on as a missed opportunity from its main competitor - Cole’s ability to adapt to his foes’ in-ring style would mess extremely well with Andrade’s Lucha Libre influence. The untapped potential for a match between these two would definitely be unfulfilled as Cole and Andrade rarely disappoint in the ring.

2. Christian Cage

Christian Cage aew

Christian Cage’s presence in AEW has paid off in full thus far. The often slept-on veteran has shown that he can still go as evidenced by his matches against the likes of Frankie Kazarian, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Kenny Omega. Whenever’s Christian’s in the ring, he makes his opponent look all the better thanks to all the little things he brings to every match he competes in. I can just imagine how amazing a match between Cole and Christian could be considering the similarities both men share when it comes to their methodical in-ring styles. Both men are used to building up their matches until they reach a fever pitch, so I’m sure they can do the same against each other in a premier spot on a PPV card.

3. CM Punk

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Cole and CM Punk are recognized by indie wrestling fans as kings of their respective eras. Punk gained fame and notoriety during the early to mid 200s, while Cole mainly reigned at the top of the food chain during the early to mid-2010s. It’d be awesome to watch Cole and Punk fulfill a dream scenario for those who grew up watching the golden years of ROH and the other indies that came up right alongside them. Both men have a never-say-die attitude and an arsenal full of moves to rely on, so I know they’d give the world a banger of a match if ever given the chance to do so. Punk’s All Out 2021 match with Darby Allin showcased a man that’s inspired once again and ready to work with anyone & everyone - Cole should see if he’s truly one of the best wrestlers to come from the indie scene by taking on one of its most iconic competitors.

4. Darby Allin

darby allin aew

I figured we’d get this match at some point once EVOLVE entered into a cool talent exchange with NXT. But for some strange reason, it just never came to fruition. Now that Cole and Allin are under the same roof, we need to see them show just how amazing they can be when pitted against each other. Cole is the sort of guy that throws everything at a guy and employs underhanded tactics to get the job done. In the case of Darby, he puts everything on the line and often goes above & beyond the point of insanity near the closing moments of a match. When you combine those factors, you’re bound to get a jaw-dropping performance from these two stars. I’d pop like a madman if Cole Superkicked Darby right in the back of the head during a failed Coffin Drop attempt!

5. Jungle Boy

jungle boy aew

When Cole shocked the world by showing up unexpectedly at All Out 2021, he immediately regrouped with The Elite. And the very first shot he sent out was a superkick (IN FLY ASS JORDANS, NO LESS!) straight to Jungle Boy’s dome. That first shot was clearly a teaser of what’s to come between the two, so this dream match is probably coming a lot sooner than everyone thinks. And to be quite honest, Cole vs. Jungle Boy has the highest potential of being the best match on this list. Both guys are very similar in size and stature, so I know they’d mesh well once pitted against each other. The ultimate babyface vs. heel dynamic between these two would magnify the in-ring action and get the crowd involved in everything they’d do.

6. Kenny Omega

kenny omega aew dynamite championship match

Right now, Cole and Kenny Omega belong to the same stable known as The Elite. Their union with each other, The Young Bucks, and The Good Brothers remind fans of the good old days when they ran the wrestling world as the Bullet Club. It’s cool that they’re all together in perfect harmony at the moment, but they’ll eventually come apart at the seams due to dueling egos. And once that partnership dissolves, the match that everyone wants to see will finally come to pass. Cole and Omega have a date with destiny - I can’t wait to see the two stablemates leave their friendship behind and destroy each other for 30+ minutes. Omega’s explosive offense and Cole’s spy agility have the capacity to create magic in the squared circle. 

7. Pac


Pac is the most severely pissed-off member of the AEW roster. And that’s why I can’t get enough of him. His aura exudes that of a badass and he’s done an amazing job of tailoring his babyface moveset to match his heelish persona. I’d pay good money to watch Pac scare the daylights out of Cole as The Elite stablemate picks his spots carefully and plays the long game. This heel vs. heel clash would present a very intriguing watch and have the crowd engaging in dual chants for which bad guy they appreciate the most. Pac’s arsenal includes stiff kicks, even stiffer submissions, and a rare high-flying move or two. Cole can respond in kind with his varied collection of moves to counter “The Bastard,” which would definitely result in a quality matchup.

8. Rey Fenix

Rey Fenix

I can already imagine the Superkick war that would kick off here between Cole and Rey Fenix. Fenix has convinced me and everyone else that he’s one of AEW’s GOATs and is consistent in his ability to have a good match with just about anybody. He usually scares me half to death every time he goes airborne, but I can’t help but be entertained by everything he does in the ring. I’m sure Cole could have an amazing match with the fiery luchador - I can point to Cole’s classic bout with Ricochet and that insane Ladder match he was a part of from NXT Takeover: New Orleans for all the evidence I need for that sentiment. This is the sort of match that would deliver nothing but highlights during the last 10-12 minutes. I might need AEW to book this one before 2021 comes to an end. GIVE ME WHAT I WANT! *Batista voice*

9. Ricky Starks

Ricky Starks

Taz’s shining jewel and the reigning & defending FTW Champion may not get the Dynamite/Rampage TV time he deserves. But every time he gets the opportunity to wrestle on live TV, he excels. Ricky Starks is one of those guys that I have high hopes for as a future big-time player for AEW - he has the looks, the verbal chops, the natural charisma, and the in-ring acumen needed to become a future superstar. Ricky would convince a lot of his doubters (if there are even any out there) that he’s the real deal if he got to lock horns with Cole. The “Absolute” one has that extra bit of power that would clash quite well with Cole’s more agility-based moveset. This dream match would be an amalgamation of old-school mat 80s wrestling thanks to Ricky and modern-day in-ring exploits due to Cole’s inclusion.

10. Sammy Guevara

sammy guevara aew

So who’s the cockier of the two - Cole or Sammy Guevara? I’d love to see both men make a case for themselves with mics in their hands, for sure. When it comes to a potential matchup between the two, I’m very much interested in watching that one unfold. Sammy’s been lowkey having some great matches in AEW against the likes of Cody Rhodes, Shawn Spears, and MJF. I’m quite sure he could showcase even more of his slept-on greatness if he hopped into the squared circle with Cole. Both guys are of a similar size and stature, which leads me to believe that they’d mess very well with each other. Seeing Sammy throw caution to the wind to fly sky high while Cole responds in kind with some underhanded tactics would be awesome to witness in action.

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