The Definitive AEW Wrestlers List: The Top 30 You Need to Watch

AEW is home to a slew of wrestlers that are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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The playing field within the wild, wild world of professional wrestling has widened with the arrival of All Elite Wrestling.

Since coming onto the scene, the Khan family and “The Elite” have presented a product full of talented wrestlers who have wowed audiences across the country. AEW’s grand debut treated loyal wrestling fans to classic matches that featured the likes of Kenny Omega, Jon Moxley, Cody, Dustin Rhodes, the Young Bucks, and countless others. From top to bottom, AEW’s locker room is jam-packed with quality veterans and future superstars who are being primed to take the company into an even brighter future.

There’s a lot to love about AEW. And most of that fan affection points towards the gifted men and women that ply their trade every time AEW puts on a show. The 20 wrestlers listed below are the ones you need to watch on the regular and the individuals who always put on a memorable performance when called upon.

12. Lance Archer

If you watched TNA and WWE’s version of ECW back in the day, then you obviously have a clue who this rampaging giant is. Lance Archer moved onto Japan later on in his career and turned New Japan Pro Wrestling upside down alongside Davey Boy Smith Jr. and the rest of his Suzuki-gun stablemates. When Lance chose to go the singles route in the land of the rising sun, he found his calling as the next coming of Bruiser Brody. Now that he’s a part of the AEW roster, Lance has brought over his eye-popping brand of mayhem and anarchy to a new subset of wrestling fans. His strong work during the TNT Championship tournament and unmistakable chemistry with manager Jake “The Snake” Roberts is proof of Lance’s magnetic onscreen presence.

17. Fenix

Pentagon Jr.’s real-life sibling Fenix is one of the greatest high-flyers in wrestling today. Fans are constantly amazed and shocked at the incredible maneuvers he pulls off and the insane risks he’s willing to take when the stakes are especially high. Fenix’s 2019 Dynamite bout against Nick Jackson is a must-watch for anyone who needs proof of his excellent skill set. AEW did the right thing when it gave Fenix the chance to join its ranks and present his jaw-dropping style of Lucha Libre to an appreciative wrestling audience. Anytime Fenix strolls to the ring, you can expect to enjoy every instance of what he’s about to pull off from the top rope.

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