6 All Elite Wrestling Matches That Need to Happen Immediately

These are the matches we need to see from the new league, ranked by impact

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No matter how big the wrestling company is, the attention always focuses on the wrestling. Don’t get me wrong—the talent, the gimmicks they adopt, the flashy entrances and the overall pomp and circumstance behind the product are also key. But the main attraction is usually the crowd-popping matches. Without them, there’s really no need to continue being a loyal fan of an ongoing or newcomer wrestling fed.

Speaking of new wrestling feds, All Elite Wrestling has entered the American wrestling market and made quite the first impression. Since debuting its first PPV event, Double or Nothing, AEW has gone out of its way to produce some of the best matches we’ve witnessed this year. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson), Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho, Cody Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes and the Lucha Brothers (Pentagón Jr. and Rey Fénix) have been the main ones responsible for knocking it out of the park.

With AEW’s All Out event just about a month away, there’s plenty of time to book a few matches that have the highest chance of making Dave Meltzer a happy man. In the near future and beyond, we hope these bouts take place on the All Elite Wrestling stage.

06. Awesome Kong vs. Nyla Rose

At Double or Nothing, fans were shocked to see the reemerging Awesome Kong make her way down the ramp. The excitement surrounding her surprise return to wrestling also equaled the hype attached to her first time meeting with Nyla Rose. Rose just so happens to be one of AEW’s other lady behemoths—she’s done a whole lot in her matches to push the narrative of her being an unstoppable monster.

Sadly, Kong and Rose didn’t have much interaction during the Fatal 4-Way women’s clash at Double or Nothing. Teasing such a big-time women’s encounter between two powerhouses piques our interest. Once Awesome Kong and Aja Kong hash out their problems, we hope Miss Awesome and Nyla Rose engage in an in-ring war.

05. Pac vs. Cima

It was super disappointing to learn about the booking issues that led to Pac skipping out on his Double or Nothing matchup with Adam Page. The self-proclaimed “bastard’s” relationship with AEW seems strained at the moment, but it seems like both sides are willing to work with each other at a later date.

The olive branch that AEW could hand out to Pac is a match that would certainly appease him: a high-flying showcase between him and his former Dragon Gate buddy, Cima. Cimahas transitioned into one of the finest international highlights for AEW thus far and represented his home promotion of OWE (Oriental Wrestling Entertainment) proudly. Bringing Pac back into the swing of things by giving him a game opponent in Cima would be a win-win for everyone.

04. Darby Allin vs. Joey Janela vs. Jimmy Havoc

The three hardcore madmen we’re mentioning here have a high chance of becoming breakout stars for AEW. Darby Allin’s “silent assassin” demeanor, Joey Janela’s reckless approach to pro wrestling and Jimmy Havoc’s high tolerance for pain are the types of traits that attract hardcore wrestling fans. All three men have put their styles of wrestling on display for the world to see in AEW and staked their claim as the ones to pay attention to. If AEW wants to raise this trio’s stock even further, they need to place them in a hardcore brawl to rule them all. Allin, Janela and Havoc tend to employ some of the most creative (and painful) attack methods whenever weapons are involved. We’re open to seeing all three men go all out with the use of thumbtacks, tables, ladders, kendo sticks and whatever else they can dig up from under the ring.

03. The Lucha Brothers vs. the Dark Order

AEW’s tag team division is one of the reasons fans should invest their time and energy into the product. The company has made it a mission of theirs to push a healthy roster of talented duos that can always be called upon to wow the crowd. One of the teams with a proven track record of delivering quality tag team bouts is the Lucha Brothers.

Pentagón Jr. and Rey Fénix have competed around the world and matured into the amazing duo we know and love today. That same statement can be applied to the Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson). Both teams have never had the chance to meet inside the squared circle, which is shocking. AEW needs to be the place where this first-time matchup takes place for the world to see. The interactions between Pentagón and Uno would be worth the price of admission alone.

02. The Young Bucks vs. Angélico & Jack Evans

The Young Bucks haven’t let us down yet. Their work in AEW has hit the high mark on every occasion and reminded wrestling fans of just how amazing they are. Once their beef with the Lucha Brothers comes to a close, we’d love to see them rekindle a feud that blew the roof off the building during a Pro Wrestling Guerrilla event. That famous match was with the Lucha Libre greats known as Angélico and Jack Evans, a team who rivals the high-flying madness the Young Bucks always deliver. When AEW debuts its weekly TV series on TNT, the first episode needs to have something that’ll leave a lasting impression on first-time viewers. A 15- to 20-minute clash between the Young Bucks and Angélico and Jack Evans is the smartest way to reach that goal.

01. Kenny Omega vs. Adam Page

Adam Page’s growth has been a joy to watch. AEW’s resident workhorse made his way from opening matches back in the Ring of Honor to a main event title match with Chris Jericho. He’s been placed in a prominent position within the company and presented as one of its top stars. The same can be said about Kenny Omega, a Japanese wrestling standout who hasn’t lost a step since starting AEW. At some point, we’d love to see these two top stars get the main event spot at a future AEW PPV. Omega and Page have proved they can compete at the highest level. There’s a lot of in-ring magic waiting to be made between these two. We’re sure that the powers that be at AEW are going to let Omega and Page go all out against each other at some point. If Page claims the AEW World Championship, presenting Omega as his first challenger would please us immensely.

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