What is the American FootGolf League?

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American FootGolf League

With the emergence of many niche sports across the United States, FootGolf continues to be an undervalued avenue for proper football players and golfers alike.

The American FootGolf League was founded back in 2011 by Roberto Balestrini and over a decade later the sport has become more relevant across the U.S. with over 250 courses nationwide.

Each year, thousands of players - both casually and competitively - take to fairways to kick a football into an oversized cup and with the 2022 AFGL season underway it feels like the perfect time to answer some questions about the U.S.' leading FootGolf organization.

What is the American FootGolf League?

The organization oversees FootGolf in the United States and helps sanction competitive tournaments across the country.

AFGL helps bring new courses into the sport, as well as organize competitions both at the professional and amateur levels.

The AFGL is a member of the global FootGolf governing body Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG), which features many other countries around the world.

What is the AFGL Tour?

The AFGL Tour runs annually from January through December and players have the chance to gain points based on placements at each competition.

The tour runs similarly to tennis in that each tournament varies in points and difficulty.

Local FootGolf tournaments typically start at 100 points, while major competitions are valued at 250, 500 and 1000 points each depending on the size of the tournament field.

Top finishers on the AFGL Tour have the opportunity to represent the U.S. in various international competitions, including the Jansen Cup - similar set up to golf's Ryder Cup - and the World Cup.

The next edition of the FootGolf World Cup will be played in Orlando, FL in June 2023.

How Can I Join AFGL?

AFGL is always accepting new players, both at the professional and amateur levels.

Most professional tournaments in the U.S. have over 50 players competing from all across the nation.

Tournaments are played in California, Florida, Michigan, New Jersey, Tennessee and other states.

For more information of registering for the AFGL Tour, please visit the organization's official website.

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