Best Baller Fits of 2018

The NBA entrance tunnel is the new runway. Who deserves the most love?

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While NBA tunnels earned some mainstream attention in 2017, the tunnels became full-on runways in 2018. It turns out that seeing 6’6'' guys wear $10,000 outfits is just as enjoyable as watching them dunk from the free throw line.

It didn't take long for the players to notice how many people were watching that walk-in—this year, NBA style took it to a new level. The unofficial peak was likely when LeBron wore a $50,000 outfit during the Finals, but anyone can go to a Gucci or Versace store and leave with a ten-figure fit. We give more props to those who can pull together a fit from different directions.

Check out our favorite NBA fits of 2018, with a major assist from the invaluable SLAM IG account @leaguefits

Swaggy P Was Built for the Cold

Lowkey, Swaggy P was pumped to get traded to Denver. “Can’t wait until the weather gets cold so I can really start dressin’." Fur coat, Calabasas track pants and Yeezy 700s is a flat-out vibe.

Devin Booker, King of #CozySZN

One time for #CozySZN! It feels sacrilegious to give Book credit here, but we think the kid may possibly have pulled it off better than the OG #CozyBoy, Kevin Durant, himself. The LV bag is a cheeky way to silence anyone who thinks he might have actually just gotten out of bed.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: A Star Is Born

This was Shai’s first-ever NBA Tunnel fit pic, which set off his runaway campaign for Best Dressed Rookie of the Year in particularly blazing fashion. By the end of the year, he might even be NBA All-Drip, which is super impressive considering that he’s budgeted by the rookie deal ($3.375 million). The way his jackets always hang off his shoulders is mesmerizing. Maybe it's time to let the old ways die.

P.J. Tucker's Hands are Full

P.J. Tucker has zero hands free in this fit pic. Not one. And it’s super intentional. If the large cup happened to be a color like blue or orange, do you really think P.J. would hold it on his way to the game? +1 for making a Big Gulp fashion.

John Wall + Tony the Tiger S/S 2019

John Wall dropped 40 on the Lakers then pulled up with a stuffed tiger. Keep a tight watch on the National Zoo if he ever scores 50 again.

Bonus Entry: Kelly Oubre's Permanent Drip

It's no secret to anyone around here—Kelly Oubre's permanent flex has been so consistent and ongoing since entering the league that's usually omitted from these shortlists. It's akin to how the NBA tossed a few MVPs to Karl Malone and Steve Nash and James Harden while MJ and LeBron were at their peaks—it's such an obvious choice that it's boring. Yet, no other NBA player, arguably, could swing a sneaker apparel deal that does not necessarily require the player to wear the sneaker in a game. 

The most stylish players hope to make waves with their fit pics. Kelly Oubre literally is a Wave.

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