The Best Food Item You Can Get At Every Major League Baseball Stadium

Some good eats to check out this season

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Things are beginning to return to normal in the sports world, and that means we are slowly getting closer to enjoying the traditional game-day experiences that we know and love, which also means one! There is nothing quite like chilling at a nice spring/summer baseball game with a great meal and a nice cold beverage to match. From burgers to waffle cones, we are giving you a list of the best food items that you can get at every MLB stadium this season. Warning: make sure you grab something to eat afterward because this list is going to make you hungry.

1. Bullpen Burger, Kauffman Stadium

2. Cardiff Crack Nachos, Petco Park

Cardiff Crack Nachos / San Diego

Team: San Diego Padres

It is hard to beat the fan experience at Petco Park in San Diego. Most likely, it will be 72 degrees and sunny. The roster is loaded with exciting talent. The stadium is beautiful and clean. But perhaps the best part of the experience is the food. 

The stadium did something rather unique with its food selection—they took a premier restaurant from each of the different suburbs in San Diego and actually placed it inside the stadium. 

There are a lot of options to choose from at Petco Park. The Brigantine has some killer fish tacos and calamari, and Hodad's has one of the better burgers in the city. But if you ask any local... and true local... there is one option that stands just above the rest—
The Cardiff Crack Nachos from Seaside Market. They are to die for. The nachos are delicious, marinated, tri-tip meat on top of chips, BBQ sauce, sour cream, green onion, and cheese. 

You can't go wrong. 

3. Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich, Guaranteed Rate Field

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich / Inside The White Sox

Team: Chicago White Sox

This sandwich is the perfect balance of being ‘hot’ while not too spicy. Flavorful and crispy, the Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is stacked with breaded chicken dipped in Nashville-Style hot sauce. The bread is toasted, and the sandwich has cheese, pickles, and diced tomatoes for that extra touch. The sandwich is a little on the smaller side, so it may be better as a snack or appetizer as opposed to a meal.

4. CREAM Ice Cream Sandwiches, Oracle Park

ice cream sandwich
CREAM Ice Cream Sandwiches / Eater SF

Team: San Francisco Giants

Under no circumstance would these sandwiches ever be considered healthy, but you don’t go to baseball games to eat healthily—you go to ‘ball out' because you only get one life to live. CREAM is a Berkeley-based sweets stand that has become known for its infamous cookie sandwiches. Featuring a warm cookie with ice cream in the middle, you can choose to load the ice cream with M&M’s, Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Puffs, or whatever other concoction you come up with. If you aren’t into cookies then a brownie option is also available.

5. Pizza, Progressive Field

6. Red Velvet Whoopie Pie, Angel Stadium

Red Velvet Whoopie Pie / OC Register

Team: Los Angeles Angels

We might as well keep the unhealthy desserts coming, right? Unlike the other items on their menu, the Dodgers don’t have a detailed description of their version of Red Velvet Whoopie Pies, so we had to look up how the pies are actually made. It’s not actually a pie, but more of a red velvet cake sandwich with cream cheese frosting splashed in the middle. The Whoopi just happens to match the Angels' team colors and is a nice treat for the seventh-inning stretch.

7. Cauliflower Cheese Steak, Citizens Bank Park

Cauliflower Cheese Steak / Ballpark Guides

Team: Philadelphia Phillies

We could have gone with the Donut Burger, but we’ll select a healthier option because we know some people still want to eat well at games. The Cauliflower Cheese Steak is actually one of the most requested items at Citizens Bank Park and includes roasted cauliflower, poblano peppers, Vegan cheese sauce, and sautéed onions on a vegan roll.

8. S'mores Frybox, Great American Ballpark

9. Cuban Sandwich, Tropicana Field

10. Tender, Love and Chicken, Ringfield Coliseum

Tender, Love and Chicken / 5280

Team: Oakland Athletics

The Ringfield Coliseum isn’t exactly known for extravagant food and restaurant options, so your best bet is to probably go with chicken tenders and fries. Tender, Love, and Chicken features crispy chicken tenders served with a decent selection of dipping sauces and french fries. While we haven’t gotten a chance to try out the chicken strips, we hear they are very tasty. You could also go the beverage route and snag a frozen boozy popsicle. The popsicles have alcohol in them, though, so be aware of that before you buy five of them.

11. Rice Bowl, Busch Stadium

Rice Bowl / MLB

Team: St. Louis Cardinals

Served with Cumin rice, and black beans with a choice of nacho or queso cheese, the rice bowl is a solid choice if you are looking for a meal that isn’t too heavy. You can stick with the rice and cheese or choose to add beef, tinja chicken, or pork for an additional $5.50.

12. 3o5, Marlin’s Park

mlb 2
3o5 Menu / MLB

Team: Miami Marlins

If you ever plan on catching a Marlins' game, then you may want to consider checking out 3o5. The Marlins are more known for their restaurants as opposed to specific food items, and 3o5 has all of the standard ballpark favorites for either $3 or $5. Hotdogs, popcorn, and pretzels are among the $3 items, and the mojo pork tacos are priced at $5. Soda and water can also be purchased for $3, and beer for $5. Sodas and bottled water have been known to range from $7 to $11 dollars depending on the size at other stadiums, and normally beer goes for about $8 to $10 (or more), so these are great prices.

13. Buffalo Chicken Totchos, Minute Maid Park

abc 13
Buffalo Chicken Totchos / ABC 13

Team: Houston Astros

Minute Maid Park announced quite a few fresh additions to their menu that were set to make their debut in the 2020 season, and unfortunately, the pandemic got in the way of fans being able to truly enjoy the new items. One of the most hyped items on that list was the Buffalo Chicken Totchos—tater tots topped with Buffalo chicken, blue cheese crumbles, ranch dressing, and sliced green onions. The totchos look amazing, and Astros fans should be able to fully savor them this year.

14. Apple Pie Nachos, Coors Field

15. Chicken Wings, Comerica Park

16. Fried BBQ Corn, Miller Park

js online
Fried BBQ Corn / JS Online

Team: Milwaukee Brewers

Let’s take a walk on the wild side and try out the Fried BBQ Corn. Normally fried corn wouldn’t be considered ‘stadium food,’ but apparently, the barbecue takes this dish to the next level. The corn comes tossed in barbecue dry rub and horseradish sauce. This is still a relatively newer menu option, so there aren’t a lot of reviews yet, but many in Milwaukee think the Fried BBQ corn could end up being the next big thing.

17. Creme Brulee French Toast, Fenway Park

Crème Brulee French Toast Fenway
Creme Brulee French Toast / Ballpark Digest

Team: Boston Red Sox

Some baseball games take place early enough in the day where meals could still be considered a late breakfast or brunch. If you are attending an early game (or just simply are in a breakfast mood), then the Creme Brulee French Toast may be for you. The french toast has chocolate ganache splattered on top, and you can add even more sweetness to it with either the Vermont maple syrup or the Fenway Strawberry sauce.

18. Yankees Pinstripe Shake, Yankee Stadium

Pinstripe Shake at Yankee Stadium
Yankees Pinstripe Shake / Babbletop

Team: New York Yankees

There are tons of milkshake options at Yankee Stadium that are available, but we figured we would include the Pinstripe Shake since it represents the Yankees’ pinstripe uniforms. The pinstripe is a vanilla shake with cotton candy, crackerjack, caramel drizzle, and churro. All shakes are served in a souvenir cup, and other shakes include a Tres Leches flavor, and a celebration and chocolate flavor.

19. Pittsburgh Cone, PNC Park

20. Chicken and Waffle Boat, SunTrust Park

21. Chicken and Donuts, Chase Field

Chicken and Donuts / The Arizona Republic

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks

Okay so we covered chicken and waffles, now how about chicken and donuts? Served with crispy Tyson popcorn chicken alongside powdered sugar and maple syrup, the snack is one of Chase Field's newer items, making its debut in 2019 at Gonzo’s Grill.

22. Chicken Parmesan, Nationals Park

Chicken Parmesan / Let Teddy Win

Team: Washington Nationals

The Chicken Parm Sandwich is another heavy hitter considered to be a fan-favorite at Nationals Park. The sandwich isn’t too much different from your standard Italian gourmet sub, and has a chicken thigh dipped in Ragu. The chicken is also drizzled in mozzarella cheese and Thai basil and is served on white bread.

23. Top Notch O’s, Camden Yards

Top Notch O’s / Baltimore Sun

Team: Baltimore Orioles

If you plan on visiting Camden Yards this year, then you should definitely try out the Top Notch Oss. Served by Birdland Nachos, the plate features Doritos-style chips with white cheese sauce, black olives, sour cream, and salsa and scallions to top it off. The nachos are also served in a souvenir helmet, meaning that customers get to go home with a prized keepsake.

24. PB&J Bacon Sandwich, Target Field

PB&J Bacon Sandwich / Star Tribune

Team: Minnesota Twins

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich with bacon may not be the first thing that comes to mind when searching for game day sandwiches, but maybe we have been missing out on something very powerful. The PB&J Bacon isn’t too complicated (it's literally just toasted peanut butter and jelly with fried bacon added to it) but has earned high praise from Minnesota fans. Throw in some fries and soda, and you’ll be good to go!

25. Dodger Sausage, Dodger Stadium

26. Vegan Mac & Cheese, Globe Life Park

mac and cheese
Vegan Mac & Cheese / The Athetic

Team: Texas Rangers

The Vegan Mac & Cheese was introduced last year as part of Global Life Park’s initiative to add more vegan items to their restaurants, and now Rangers will be to enjoy the new meal options in its entirety. One of those items was the Vegan Mac & Cheese, a meat-and-dairy-free dish complete with a cashew base. The mac & cheese cup is a little on the smaller side, so you may have to order two cups if you are looking to make it into a meal.

27. Wowfulls Waffle Cone, Citii Field

28. Home Run Footlong Hotdog, Rogers Centre

hot dog
Home Run Footlong Hotdog / Aramark

Team: Toronto Blue Jays

You had to know a footlong hotdog was coming, and Rogers Centre has one of the best. The footlong honestly isn’t much different from the ones offered at other stadiums, but the Rogers Centre version comes with maple-flavored baked beans, cheddar, and bacon bits. You could try to attack the footlong by yourself, but for the sake of avoiding a stomach ache, we recommend either sharing with someone or saving the other half for when you get home.

29. Kuku Fries, T-Mobile Park

Ku Ku Fries
Kuku Fries / South Sound Magazine

Team: Seattle Mariners

Sorry but we absolutely were not putting the toasted grasshoppers on this list. Instead, we’ll go with the Kuku Fries—specialty fries topped with togarashi Japanese seasoning, red tobiko (flying fish roe), chili sauce, horseradish, crema, and chive. That sounds like a much better choice than the grasshoppers, but T-Mobile Park is apparently averaging around a million grasshopper sales a year, so maybe we are the ones that have got it all wrong.

30. Aloha Chicken Sandwich, Wrigley Field

Aloha Chicken Sandwich / Time Out

Team: Chicago Cubs

A grilled chicken sandwich breast served on Hawaiian bread with sweet chilli glaze, with sauteed pineapple and Asian Slaw, the Aloha Chicken Sandwich has the potential to be one considered one of the best meals at Wrigley Field. The sandwich is already drawing a lot of attention, quickly becoming one of Wrigley’s most talked about items. If you ever decide to check out a Cubs game, this is a must-try.

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