The 15 Best Mascots in Sports

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Have you ever seen on-field antics so wild that it left you wondering who the best mascots in sports are? Let's get in to it!

When it comes to team spirit, no one embraces the “gung ho” mentality quite like the team mascot. “Mascot” comes from the French word “mascotte” which means lucky charm – fitting, as their job is to get fans fired up and create the home field advantage that could ultimately be the difference between wins and losses!

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There are several criteria to consider when talking about the best mascots in sports. From their antics, to their creativity, and now in the age of social media, their humor on Twitter and TikTok, mascots really do it all.

Here is our ranking of the 15 best mascots in sports.

1. Phanatic

2. Gritty

3. Racing Sausages

4. Jaxson De Ville

5. Mr. Met

6. Benny the Bull

7. Wally the Green Monster

8. Grizz

9. Go the Gorilla

10. Blue

11. Youppi!

12. K.C. Wolf

13. The Raptor

14. Slapshot

15. The Chicken

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