These Are the Best NBA Fits from February

P.J. Tucker could be in the MCU, Barack Obama knows a good fit and more

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For a brief moment in time, February was business as usual. While the All-Star Game brought out the fits, it all felt pretty scripted, befitting the moment. Across the multitude of shoe drop events happening that weekend, all the speeches made by players and brand representatives were glaringly predetermined. That is not to say this posturing was a bad thing—it was just expected.

But after we hit Valentine's day, the fit conversation escalated, nay evolved. P.J. Tucker has entered another dimension. Paul George—who looks like a top two, maybe top one player in the NBA—is carrying leftovers around. Business-minded forward Andre Iguodala refused to be left behind the competition. The new locker room tunnel isn't even a tunnel

With that context in place, here are the outstanding NBA-related fits from the month of February.

PJ Tucker, Piloting Through the Multiverse

Of all the non-megastars, P.J. Tucker is the NBA player who draws the most attention to his tunnel walk, and he knows it. An early adopter of the shoe carry, he has pushed that tension in increasingly outrê directions. 

Here, he's carrying two pairs of shoes, and the conversation over his in-your-face branding tactic has heightened in unexpected ways. Frankly, it has created a butterfly effect that has rippled throughout the league. The shoe carry has become standard practice , for better or worse. 

D'Angelo Russell's Waterproof Drip

These days the surging NBA style has become a little, dare I say, redundant. Nowadays, it is easy to tell who has enlisted the help of a stylist— before their foray into the NBA, college team sweatpants were the bottoms of choice. A stale combination of a designer hoodie, statement pants and deadstock kicks has become the go-to fit for many of these players. Just look at D-Lo. So much drip he had to put a coat on!

And the subtlety! Let us not forget that these guys are entering a basketball arena. An outfit is only as great as its context which is why Mr. Russell's decision to not only wear, but highlight the standard Nike mid-calves, is so tasteful. Keep your eyes out to see who rocks the coat next. D-Lo is out here setting trends.—Jacob

Cozy Boys, But Cozier

It is certainly #CozySZN in the NBA. Rhuigi Villasenor’s Rhude might be the hottest brand in fashion right now afte LeBron and Bella Hadid & The Weeknd co-signed with them during All-Star Weekend. Even Kuzma jumped on board, and one of the NBA's tastemakers, it is sure to make a splash.  Rocking pajamas to work is a flex, and knowing that you’re making a wave in the industry just sets it over the top. —Jacob

Is Barack our New Style God?

I mean, come on—Rag & Bone bomber with the "44" embroidery? A smart and fashion-savvy friend recently asked me "Is Barack Obama the new Jonah Hill?" and I think she's onto something. —Corban

Beyond the Tunnel

A small cadre of NBA players is making the "new tunnel" not even the tunnel at all. It's starting in the parking lot now, which is the maximum amount of flex possible in a pregame image, at least until someone installs a lost Rembrandt in their locker or something. It also requires a personal photographer, because the media's access in the arena does not extend to the parking lot (at least as far as I know). —Corban

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