These Are the Greatest NBA Offseason Outfits

It was a wild offseason. Who got the best fits off, and how?!

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While the NBA season ended in July, fits never sleep. So as many of the NBA’s best players entered their offseason—aka vacation time—the promise of next-level fits endured, especially given the increased variance in setting. In the summer period, we move from the tunnel to the tarmac.

So here are the dudes who won this offseason, no matter where they were—whether it was China, Greece, NYFW or “I have no idea.” 

Kelly Goes Worldwide

Oubre took his patented black-and-white hype-goth style worldwide when visiting the Great Wall.

And then he took it one step further than others on this list with my favorite fit of the summer. After saying “no thank you” to FIBA, Oubre visited China during FIBA and showed up with courtside seats and a China FIBA jersey. Excited to see if Kelly can do more with petty-hype fashion.

Kevin Love Goes to Jackson Hole

Know when fashion designers say that their entire seasonal line is inspired by a certain international city but you know the outcome was going to be the same regardless of their long weekend in Mykonos? Kevin Love actually makes me understand drawing inspiration from a particular setting.

He blended into the stone of Bryce Canyon National Park with Mojave John Elliott basketball shorts, contrasted the icy mountains in British Columbia with bright orange Nike ACG, brought out the Gucci tigers in Thailand, flexed on a s’more in a Ralph Lauren sweater while standing up and even devoted himself to growing a mustache to complete his method-influencing in Wyoming.


Kuzma is number one on the list of celebrities who also play in the NBA, and his IG grid is evidence. The Polaroids of him posing in leopard print are almost more convincing than the stills of him in a Lakers uniform. 

This particular nonchalant but also high-fashion but also mirror-pic selfie post broke the NBA internet and instantly baited comments from less hip NBA players, like Anthony Davis’sresponse, “Man what the hell you got on!” But go look at the top comments. Now go look at Anthony DavisDonovan Mitchell and Isaiah Thomas’s Instagrams. Who would you rather take a fit pic with? We stand with Kuz.

Ben Simmons Finds His Lane

There was a lot of talk around Ben Simmons adding to his game this summer, and I think it’s safe to say he found his rhythm. Minimal tee, shorts, jewelry, fire on feet. The added aura of knowing he dated a Jenner/Kardashian brings this all together as sort of a pseudo-accessory.

D'Angelo Russell and Devin Booker's Hot Boy Summer

I really tried not to use the phrase Hot Boy Summer in this article, but Devin Booker and D’Angelo Russell made me do it.

Both Book and D Lo are borderline more recognizable for running around with the IG cool kids than they are for averaging 20 PPG a game in the NBA, and this summer didn’t help.

Both players rejected a FIBA vacation in favor of their own international extended holiday, and they kept the vibes on point.

There Goes My Herro

Tyler Herro is the easy pick for 2020 Drip Rookie of the Year. He’s already cornering the market on retro NASCAR gear—something that surely has legs coming from the new Floridian. And again, what we love about rookie drip is that it doesn’t have the stylists or the funds of a veteran contract. Herro’s style is coming from within. 

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