These Are the Best NBA Fits from January

KD, Shai and PJ all went hard this month

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Due to popular demand—from us—we're moving the Best Baller Fits program into a monthly format. So, without further adieu, here are the best fits from NBA’s locker room tunnels in January.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander Signs to Sub Pop

In the crucible of NBA fit Instagram, critiques occur most often when a player either repeats an outfit or repeats a look someone else recently attempted. And while we rebel against the concept of a “work uniform”—a utilitarian outfit whose repeatability is its chief selling point—we like that Shai is getting many wears out of this black-and-white tartan Supreme flannel. It’s a staple that doesn’t feel diminished by its usage rate. It’s utilitarian, but not in an “I don’t even want to think about it, just give me a wardrobe full of expensive staples!” way.

Shump Moves On

Shump revamped his wardrobe when he got traded—no more Thom Browne suits! After a year of being on the Kings' roster, he’s gotten into a Nor Cal rhythm. Straight crushing rolled-up beanies, round glasses, cropped pants and Vans like he’s the 6-foot-5 hooper version of Anderson Paak.

Shump makes “extra” just enough. Got every girl DM-ing her man asking why he doesn't claim her like Shump does, while bringing back the puffy and subtle matching like it’s ‘03.

P.J., Open for Three

Of all the anointed NBA style gods, P.J. Tucker is the most self-aware. He’s reading the comments. So if anyone was going to heighten the two-shoe locker room tunnel trend, it was always going to be him. He’s got three pairs here—four would be pushing it too far, too meta. But P.J. already knows that. He knows it better than you will ever know anything.

Kevin Durant, Cozy Boys’ Elected Representative

Gucci sweats and Tom Sachs Mars Yards just to give Boogie a light contest is a flex. Most players style themselves to stunt in the tunnel, but K.D. really just dresses for a lackadaisical post-practice game of one-on-one, and it feels good to see him in his element. No matter the time or situation, if a ball rolls Durant’s way, you know he’s going to be ready.

DeAndre Ayton, Doing It for the Rooks

This isn’t a formal submission, but it is an important milestone in the journey of a rookie’s drip that is definitely worth including. Note the tropes that young DeAndre falls into here—an all-too-common slipup. Where he heard that have heard that rocking one’s own alma mater’s varsity jacket is cool, or this luxury brand called Yves Saint Laurent—we don’t know. But what is clear, however, is that this leap into the land of drip will not be his last. Keep experimenting, big man. Who says centers can’t have style?

NBA CuffWatch

Speaking of heightening, cuffing season is approaching. Things are about to get preposterous, cuff-wise.

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