The 12 Best NFL Draft Classes of All Time, Ranked

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Are you wondering what the best NFL Draft class of all-time was? Let's get in to it!

The NFL season kicks off on September 7th, but it truly begins on April 27th, the first night of the 2023 Draft. This is the one night that teams who had losing records the previous year attempt to rebuild their squad. Only a few teams will leave the draft with a franchise player that they so desperately need, but that player could drastically change the trajectory of a franchise.

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Over the course of its 100+ year history, the NFL has produced some incredible talent. In rare instances, the stars align and one draft class produces a slew of other-worldly talent who change the landscape of the league forever.

Here's my list of the best NFL draft classes ever.

12. 1979 NFL Draft

11. 1968 NFL Draft

10. 1971 NFL Draft

9. 1998 NFL Draft

8. 2011 NFL Draft

7. 2004 NFL Draft

6. 1967 NFL Draft

5. 1989 NFL Draft

4. 1964 NFL Draft

3. 1981 NFL Draft

2. 1957 NFL Draft

1. 1983 NFL Draft

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