The 16 Best NFL Podcasts to Listen to Right Now

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The NFL season is off to a good start despite the questions that existed before it even started. Would games be able to be played during the COVID-19 pandemic? What will the game experience look like with little to no fans in the stands? If you want to be filled in on what’s going on around the NFL, you have to be listening to the swath of NFL podcasts available. With podcasts that cover fantasy sports, betting, and detailed analysis of the league and players, there’s a podcast for everyone.

An honorable mention goes to Bill Simmons’ podcast. I debated placing this on the list, but despite Bill’s coverage of the NFL, his show skews just a little too far towards the NBA to make it on the list. Here’s what you should be listening to right now.

3. 'The Bill Barnwell Show'

One of the best NFL writers, Bill Barnwell is no slouch when it comes to his weekly podcast. With a rotating cast of guests appearing, Barnwell breaks down interesting statistics and analytics around the game of football. The in-depth focus on play calling, playing style and strategy is really useful for fans who want to learn the game.


16. 'The Pat McAfee Show 2.0'

With a professional NFL career spanning eight years, Pat McAfee brings a fresh perspective to his podcast The Pat McAfee Show 2.0. His energy combined with the knowledge of having played the game, gives listeners a “feel good” yet informative perspective. McAfee’s ability to break down the game week by week in a witty yet hilarious manner, is what’s separated him from the pack, allowing him to build a solid fan base that’s always ready for the next episode.

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