These Are the Best Nike Earned Edition NBA Jerseys

These special Nike threads have "earned" a spot inside your closet

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Christmas is fast approaching. So you know what that means?! Elite games on TV to go with that elite eggnog you rightfully deserve to indulge in. Although plenty of attention will go to the games, the NBA continues to enhance the ultimate fan experience with their latest jersey upgrade. Nike and NBA have another epic gift ready to slide under your Christmas tree.

To go with the highly touted "Statement" and "City" edition uniforms, Nike and the NBA introduced the Nike NBA Earned Edition Uniforms. The name sells it all —as this latest addition to the uniform colorway collaboration intends to reward teams and franchises with these special uniforms if they make it to the NBA Playoffs.

Since there are 16 playoff spots, Nike unveiled 16 new colorways. So the hoop fiends at ONE37pm have selected three jerseys you should buy and wear throughout the NBA season. Lace up those Off-White Hyperdunks, and make sure you rock that NBA-banned Supreme sleeve as you about to get schooled on what jersey should "earn" a spot in your closet.

1. Indiana Pacers

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This classic colorway is just a perfect buy for the ultimate Pacer fan who know about the winning legacy they've laid down since their ABA days. The "Pacers" font in the mustard yellow color can be represented as a tribute to the uniforms they wore when they won three ABA titles. Then you have a bit of the new school, coming-of-age blend of the blue and yellow meshed colorway that often reminds fans about the early 90s Pacers basketball that made them a tough team to beat. 

This Earned Edition uniform is a proper way of channeling old-school vibes with a new school hoops culture. It's definitely a must buy for the hoop fans that appreciate the history of the game as well as becoming the leader of the pack of a new fan brigade that is ready to help their squad etch their legacy in the history books. 

2. Miami Heat

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If you thought their all black mixed with tropical blue and pink "City" edition uniforms was an attention-grabber, hold on tight because it looks like Miami may have up the ante with this one. The all-pink colorway infused with the tropical blue and white pattern is the perfect example of the culture and nightlife vibe of Miami. 

In addition, it doesn't hurt that they are the perfect jersey to wear with the Nike LeBron James South Beach 8 and 9 sneakers.

3. Utah Jazz

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This remodel of the classic 1979 Utah Jazz jersey will have hoop fans going bananas. With the classic old school Jazz logo on the middle of the jersey, this green and yellow remixed colorway will have you go back into time to watch vintage tapes of the great "Pistol" Pete Maravich dropping dimes and lighting up the scoreboard. 

With Donovan Mitchell leading the way of the new generation Jazz squad, "Pistol" Pete will be looking down proud to see him sporting the style that made him a hoops legend. 

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