The 7 Best Offenses In NFL History, Ranked

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The NFL has seen some remarkable offenses throughout its history, characterized by high-scoring, dynamic performances, and record-breaking achievements. The title of the "best offense in NFL history" is subjective and often debated among football enthusiasts, but several teams stand out for their exceptional performances. While some say that defense wins championships like these top defenses in NFL history, there is nothing like a high powered offense.

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The criteria for evaluating the "best" offense can vary, considering factors such as statistical achievements, postseason success, and the impact on the evolution of offensive strategies in the league. Each era in the NFL has produced standout offenses, contributing to the league's reputation as a showcase for exceptional talent and thrilling performances. These offenses have showcased a combination of talented players, elite coaches, and a relentless ability to put points on the scoreboard.

Here are my top 7 offenses in NFL history, ranked:

7. 2011 Green Bay Packers

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  • Notable Players: Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, John Kuhn, Randall Cobb, Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Jermichael Finley
  • Total Yards Per Game: 405.1 YPG

The 2011 Green Bay Packers had one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history. Led by quarterback Aaron Rodgers and guided by head coach Mike McCarthy, the Packers finished the regular season with a remarkable 15-1 record. Although their postseason run was cut short in the divisional round, the regular season was marked by an explosive and high-scoring offensive display.

Aaron Rodgers had a phenomenal season and was named the NFL MVP. He threw for 4,643 yards, 45 touchdowns, and just 6 interceptions, posting a passer rating of 122.5. Rodgers' efficiency and accuracy were outstanding throughout the season. Green Bay scored a franchise-record 560 points during the regular season, averaging an impressive 35 points per game. The Packers became the highest-scoring team in the league that year.

Despite their regular-season success, the Packers were upset by the New York Giants in the divisional round of the playoffs. Nevertheless, the 2011 Green Bay Packers' offense remains one of the most memorable and statistically impressive units in NFL history, showcasing the brilliance of Aaron Rodgers and the team's explosive playmaking abilities.

6. 1983 Washington Redskins

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  • Notable Players: Joe Theismann, John Riggins, Art Monk, Alvin Garrett, Virgil Seay, Clint Didier
  • Total Yards Per Game: 383.7 YPG

The 1983 Washington Redskins had an impressive offense that played a crucial role in the team's success during that season. Coached by Joe Gibbs, the Redskins finished the regular season with a record of 14-2, marking one of the most dominant campaigns in franchise history. While their playoff run was cut short in the Super Bowl XVIII against the Los Angeles Raiders, the Redskins' offensive performance during the regular season was noteworthy.

Quarterback Joe Theismann was at the helm, boasting a highly productive season, passing for 3,714 yards and 29 touchdowns. Theismann's leadership and ability to efficiently manage the game were critical to the team's success. Running back John Riggins was a force in the backfield, rushing for 1,347 yards and 24 touchdowns. Riggins' powerful running style and ability to find the end zone made him a focal point of the offense.

5. 1998 Minnesota Vikings

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  • Notable Players: Randy Moss, Cris Carter, Randall Cunningham, Robert Smith, Gary Anderson
  • Total Yards Per Game: 391.5 YPG

The 1998 Minnesota Vikings had one of the most explosive and memorable offenses in NFL history. Coached by Dennis Green and featuring an array of talented playmakers, the Vikings finished the regular season with a 15-1 record, tying the then-record for the most wins in a single season. While they ultimately fell short of a Super Bowl victory, losing to the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship Game, the 1998 Vikings' offense left a lasting impression.

Wide receiver Randy Moss, a rookie that season, had an immediate and profound impact. Moss, known for his incredible speed and catching ability, became one of the most electrifying players in the league. He finished the season with 1,313 receiving yards and a rookie-record 17 touchdown receptions. Alongside Moss, Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter continued to excel. Carter had 78 receptions for 1,011 yards and 12 touchdowns, providing a reliable target for Cunningham. The combination of Moss and Carter made the Vikings' receiving corps one of the best in the NFL's long history.

4. 2007 New England Patriots

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  • Notable Players: Randy Moss, Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Donte Stallworth, Kyle Brady
  • Total Yards Per Game: 411.2 YPG

The 2007 New England Patriots had one of the most dominant regular seasons in NFL history, and their offense, in particular, was a record-setting powerhouse. Coached by Bill Belichick and led by quarterback Tom Brady, the Patriots finished the regular season with a perfect 16-0 record, becoming the first team to achieve such a feat in the modern 16-game schedule. While their season ended in disappointment with a loss to the New York Giants in Super Bowl XLII, the 2007 Patriots' offense is widely regarded as one of the greatest in NFL history.

Quarterback Tom Brady had a record-setting season, throwing for 4,806 yards and an NFL-record 50 touchdown passes. Brady's performance earned him the NFL MVP award for the 2007 season. The Patriots set a new single-season record for points scored in the regular season with 589, averaging an astonishing 36.8 points per game. This surpassed the previous record of 556 points set by the 1998 Minnesota Vikings.

3. 2018 Kansas City Chiefs

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  • Notable Players: Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce, Tyreek Hill, Anthony Sherman, Sammy Watkins, Kelvin Benjamin
  • Total Yards Per Game: 425.6 YPG

The 2018 Kansas City Chiefs had one of the most explosive and high-powered offenses in the NFL, led by head coach Andy Reid and quarterback Patrick Mahomes. In his first season as the Chiefs' starting quarterback, Mahomes emerged as the league's Most Valuable Player, and the team finished the regular season with a 12-4 record. While the Chiefs fell short in the AFC Championship Game against the New England Patriots, the 2018 season was a breakthrough for the franchise, showcasing a dynamic and innovative offensive attack.

The Chiefs had a talented group of receivers that complemented Mahomes' skill set. Tyreek Hill emerged as one of the league's most explosive playmakers, recording over 1,400 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. Tight end Travis Kelce also had a stellar season, with over 1,300 receiving yards and 10 touchdowns. The Chiefs' offense scored a franchise-record 565 points during the regular season, averaging 35.3 points per game. This marked the first time in NFL history that a team had scored over 50 touchdowns and 500 points in three different seasons.

2. 2013 Denver Broncos

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  • Notable Players: Peyton Manning, Demaryius Thomas, Julius Thomas, Matt Prater, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, Knowshon Moreno, Montee Ball
  • Total Yards Per Game: 457.3 YPG

The 2013 Denver Broncos had one of the most prolific offenses in NFL history, setting multiple records under the guidance of head coach John Fox and offensive coordinator Adam Gase. The team was led by quarterback Peyton Manning, who turned in a historic season, and the Broncos finished the regular season with a 13-3 record. Despite their record-setting offensive output, the Broncos fell short in Super Bowl XLVIII against the Seattle Seahawks.

Quarterback Peyton Manning had a sensational season, setting numerous NFL records. He passed for a record 5,477 yards and 55 touchdowns, surpassing Tom Brady's single-season touchdown record. Manning's performance earned him the NFL MVP award for the fifth time in his career. The Broncos set a new NFL record for points scored in a single season, accumulating 606 points during the regular season, breaking the previous record held by the 2007 New England Patriots.

1. 1999 St. Louis Rams

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  • Notable Players: Kurt Warner, Marshall Faulk, Isaac Bruce, Torry Holt
  • Total Yards Per Game: 400.8 YPG

The 1999 St. Louis Rams, often referred to as the "Greatest Show on Turf," had one of the most explosive and prolific offenses in NFL history. Under the guidance of head coach Dick Vermeil and offensive coordinator Mike Martz, the Rams finished the regular season with a 13-3 record and went on to win Super Bowl XXXIV. The team's high-powered offense, led by quarterback Kurt Warner, was instrumental in their success.

The Rams' offense was known for its up-tempo, pass-heavy attack. Coined "The Greatest Show on Turf," the offense featured quick passes, spread formations, and a dynamic aerial assault. This offensive approach, orchestrated by Mike Martz, revolutionized the NFL's passing game. The Rams capped off their remarkable season with a thrilling 23-16 victory over the Tennessee Titans in Super Bowl XXXIV. The game featured one of the most memorable plays in Super Bowl history, known as the "Tackle at the One," where the Rams stopped Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson just short of the end zone as time expired.

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