Our Top 10 Moments from the NBA’s Regular Season, A Definitive List

Here—in one handy directory—we relive the memes

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As the regular season winds down, ONE37pm is celebrating the best social media moments from the 2018-2019 NBA season. The games will soon be over for about half the league's teams, but the memes are forever. Today, we're recapping our favorites from a memorable and fun season of watching basketball online.

Time Lord Rises

The feedback loop between NBA teams and the basketball internet is closer than ever, and nothing is better proof of that concept than the great Time Lord Saga. A small Twitter meme became a bigger wave, as increasingly surreal narrative layers were added (via Twitter, natch) to an anecdote about Robert Williams being late for practice. And so, Time Lord was born.

The ? Heard Round the World

As speculation regarding Kyrie Irving's plans for next year began to crescendo, the Celtics laid an egg in Toronto, losing an important, temperature-taking game by 23 points. Social media quickly pinpointed Irving's reaction to the blowout, where a dead, perhaps knowing, stare came across his face. 

Baze Goes iPhone Notes

Kent Bazemore is not alone—many great defenders have gotten cooked by James Harden's ongoing hacking of the basketball this season. But he's certainly the only person who has responded with the iPhone Notes treatment, a move reserved for heartfelt missives. Sometimes you get crossed over so bad that you gotta clear the air.

"Two Max Slots"

KD and Kyrie recreating a buddy film at this year's All-Star Game was enough, on its own, to send shockwaves through the NBA's media-generated rumor mill. Twitter's greatest lipreaders were on the case.

The Tiger

While we've had a ton of fun sizing up the best fits in the NBA this season, no single fit will likely remain in my mind as prominently as John Wall's stuffed tiger haul. A forgettable season for Wall, but an unforgettable fit.

Kawhi's Laugh

It's the laugh that launched a Thousand Memes

"The Step-Over"

["30 for 30" voiceover]: What if I told you that....

Bench Dancing, Vol I

Team celebrations are nothing new, but this year's bench celebration arms race escalated quickly. And no one celebrated with more joy than the Brooklyn Nets, a crew that has been together a long time. 

Bench Dancing, Vol. II

In Exhibit A, LeBron gets in on "the Lance dance" in street clothes, dressed like like he's going to his sorting hat ceremony.

Wade's Victory Lap Brings Out the Feels

Dwyane Wade's farewell tour has generated a fair share of memorable moments. But the best of all might be this interaction with a fan and his son, who is named after the Heat legend. 

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