The Best Sports Podcasts To Stream Right Now

The best sports podcasts, ranked.

Pat McAfee Show, Youtube

Whether you are commuting to work, getting some stuff done around the house, or just looking to pass the time, a quality sports podcast can be just the trick. Be wary though, as there are now thousands of options to choose from. To help solve this dilemma, here is a list of the 20 best sports podcasts to stream right now.

20) Bussin' With The Boys

To plenty of people, this could be a podcast that climbs higher on the list. Just for me personally, I've yet to fall in love with the podcast the same way others have.

But the popularity is undeniable. Will Compton and Taylor Lewan have created quite a fun environment together. Like plenty of the other shows on this list, I would encourage you to check out their video format on Youtube to get the full feel.

You can listen to Bussin' With The Boys, here:

19) The Draymond Green Show

When Draymond Green first said that he would be hosting a podcast, I think there was a collective roll of eyes from NBA fans. At the time, we didn’t realize just how insightful Green can be. Since that announcement, he has flourished behind the mic on his podcast and in front of the camera on NBA on TNT.

His work in the content space has locked him up for a lifetime of jobs working in NBA media coverage. His authenticity is unmatched and his understanding of basketball schematics is next level. Some of yall may recall when Drake hosted the ESPY’s and roasted Draymond Green for his podcast. I think that sentiment was shared by a lot of people, but Draymond has proved a lot of those people wrong. He is an emerging, and thoughtful voice that will be here to stay. 

You can listen to The Draymond Green Show, here:


You would think with the most popular sport in the world, soccer would have a strong grasp on the podcast game. But I don’t actually find that to be the case. Part of this could be because there are so many different leagues, that the attention is spread more thin. But if I was to look at a single podcast in the sport - I’d suggest taking a listen to ESPN FC’s podcast.

They turn the TV program on ESPN, and distribute it in podcast form. A very clean and accessible way to consume some audio-form football content. 

You can listen to ESPN FC, here:

17) The Dan Patrick Show

Dan and the boys have become legends in the sports radio game. I mean, they did *it*. They pulled off what every single friend group has dreamed of doing.

Dan became a first-ballot hall of fame member during his years at ESPN. He created one of the most dynamic sports shows of all-time with Keith Olberman during their days at ESPN, hosting SportsCenter. Since then, Patrick recruited his best buddies to do a radio show together. That love and fun amongst a friend group is felt over the airwaves. It is tough to say how much longer the show will continue, but when you think about the legends of the game – you will be hard pressed to find a show or host as iconic as Dan Patrick. On an all-time great list, this show is in the top-10. But if you are looking around for a new favorite podcast, it would be hard to catch onto all the inside jokes and personalities.

You can listen to the Dan Patrick Show, here:

16) The Pivot Podcast

Ryan Clark’s work in his post-playing career is oftentimes overlooked, in my opinion. Clark has remained adaptable, coachable, and eager to bring his voice and energy to the best fit that he sees. He’s really a model figure in the sports content world for retired athletes.

Joining Clark is Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor as his co-hosts – and together, they have put together a really fun show. In some stand out episodes, the team has hosted both Shaq and Charles Barkley. 

You can listen to The Pivot Podcast, here:

15) You Better You Bet

If you are a *degenerate* gambler, you will love this show. It is that simple. Nick Kostos is an electric factory. His rants have become legendary (may I point you in the direction of the stoned college student playing Madden).

It may take an episode or two to understand the shtick between Kostos and Ken. But these two are incredible. They don't do the silly LeBron vs Jordan debates and instead keep their focus on the field.

You can listen to You Better You Bet:

14) Talkin' Baseball

Jomboy Media’s dominance in the baseball world really should not be downplayed. And the podcast, Talkin’ Baseball, is a very good place to start. This is in any discussion surrounding the best places to consume MLB content.

Something that is impressive with this show is its ability to discuss a lot of the small details that happen over the course of a 162 game season. It seems as though with most MLB shows, it is usually recapping just the bigger movements in the league. However, with Jomboy, you won’t miss a beat.

You can listen to Talkin' Baseball, here:

13) JRE's MMA Podcast

Once Joe Rogan’s podcast hit another stratosphere of popularity a few years ago, he decided to split up the MMA or combat sports guests into a different section called JRE’s MMA Show. For fans of the fight game, it is the biggest voice to be heard.

12) All The Smoke

There is a common denominator amongst a lot of these podcasts featuring former players… Most of them were not all that well liked during their playing days.

Draymond Green and Pacman Jones are two good examples of that. And I feel the same way about Matt Barnes. However, since retirement, I’ve really grown to respect and value Barnes voice on NBA talking points. That story from the "We Believe" Warriors is LEGENDARY. The authenticity with Stephen Jackson is fantastic and when these two get a great guest on, I am tuning in. 

You can listen to All The Smoke, here:


Between Brandon Marshall, Pacman Jones, and Lesean McCoy… this is a wild crew.

But do not confuse the chaos with a lack of some outstanding behind the scenes stories. Much like All The Smoke, the guys tell it how it is. At times, the show can veer off a little much for my taste, but they have put together a legit platform.

You can listen to the I AM ATHLETE podcast, here:

10) Old Man and the Three

This is a good podcast. Which is saying something because, at times, I can find JJ Reddick to be a pinch of a know-it-all. But I can’t even front - he brings it on this podcast. It is full of great stories and incredibly insightful NBA information from the perspective of players.

There have been some spectacular episodes with current superstars. At times, it almost feels surreal listening to the best players in the world discuss their most intimate trade secrets. Of the entire catalog of the show, some must-see episodes include Kevin Durant, Joel Embiid, Chris Paul, and Luka Doncic.

You can listen to The Old Man and the Three, here:

9) Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson

This podcast has a special feeling about it for one very specific reason.

The guests want to be there. It is an honor to be there. And that is because EVERYONE wants to talk with Mike Tyson. This podcast isn’t always perfect or cookie cutter, but damn – it has some remarkably profound and heavy moments. 

8) Spittin Chiclets

Now, I may not know a ton about hockey. But damn, these are some funny ass guys.

 I think there has always been a stigma that hockey doesn’t get the media love that it probably deserves, which is probably what made this podcast such a refreshing breath of air for fans of the sport. They never had anything like this. Spittin’ Chiclets is a home run. Point. Blank. Period.

You can listen to Spittin' Chiclets, here:

7) ESPN's 30 for 30

ESPN nailed it with 30 for 30. It is some of the best sports storytelling I’ve experienced. And their podcast is no different.

They did what I doubted they could, and recreated that same storytelling magic. There are some episodes that have a video counterpart, and some that are audio-only. But with 30 for 30, it doesn't matter what it is. It is always kick ass.

You can listen to 30 for 30, here:

6) The Rich Eisen Show

Man, I have so much respect for Rich Eisen. He has delivered top-tier sports talk radio for so long, and still keeps his show fresh. I appreciate how his show will veer off of sports for a big guest, but at his core, he is a sports junky.

 I also think that Rich doesn’t get enough credit for some of his more touching or sentimental moments. When you have been on air as long as Eisen has, there will be days where unfortunate topics are necessary. And it is in those moments where I find myself enjoying Eisen the most. 

You can listen to the Rich Eisen Show, here:

5) The Herd, Colin Cowherd

If you don’t respect this man’s craft - then you don’t get the industry.

 Being live on radio for five days a week, at three hours a day, is not easy. Of course, Uncle Colin can be susceptible to some not so great takes, but more often than not - I think he is entertaining. And if there is one thing you can count on, it is Cowherd comparing a team or player to Starbucks… every single week. 

Cowherd created his own podcast network, where he hosts a separate show. But all of them can be found on the same feed. It has a very similar feel to his previous gigs.

You can listen to Colin Cowherd's podcasts, here:

4) The Ryen Russillo Podcast

I consider Ryen to be the gold standard in sports talk. He’s a little more dialed back compared to a Pardon My Take or Pat McAafee. However, Ryen’s desire to discuss the nitty gritty details of players and games is remarkably enjoyable.

Whether you fell in love with his radio work at ESPN, or if you got on the train when he joined The Ringer, Rusillo is a champ in the podcast space. 

You can listen to The Ryen Russillo Podcast, here:

3) Pardon My Take

There is no one funnier on this list than Big Cat and PFT. These two are world-class comedians. The kicker is that they are genuine, everyday, over the top, sports fanatics.

The Barstool tagline always gets a reaction, but these two are fantastic podcast hosts. The team releases three episodes a week, but if you are a fan of the NFL, I would advise listening to their Sunday night reaction episodes during the season. Obviously, we are looking at some cream of the crop podcasts and this show would receive a lot of top votes.

You can listen to Pardon My Take, here:

2) The Bill Simmons Podcast

He is called The Podfather for a reason. From the beginning of podcasting, there was Bill Simmons. And like many people on this list, not everyone is going to love his show. But to deny what Simmons has done in podcasting would be negligent.

The Bill Simmons podcast gets massive names, has plenty of good substance, and is as reliable as any. Simmons releases the show about three times a week, in addition to all of his appearances on other shows. Just be aware, he is a Boston homer.

You can listen to The Bill Simmons Podcast, here:

1) The Pat McAfee Show

At this point, he is inevitable. Pat is the biggest and best name in the game. There are some obvious reasons as to why like his infectious energy, remarkable storytelling, and his genuine kindness.

But when Pat began to interview Aaron Rodgers for 45 min every Tuesday during the NFL season, it became official – he is the best sports podcast host in the game. Perhaps the most impressive part of McAfee’s show is the frequency. Like with everything else that Pat does (football, comedy, content, wrestling, ect.), he goes all-in. You can watch the crew live on youtube Monday through Friday from 12 P.M. to 3 P.M. EST. 

You can listen to The Pat McAfee Show, here:

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