These Are The 31 Best Undrafted NFL Players of All-Time

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Numerous NFL greats did not take the traditional route to achieve their football dreams. While many enter the league through the draft, some do not get selected by one of the 32 teams and must prove themselves and get signed as free agents.

They might have had to go to the Arena Football League, Xtreme Football League, or even NFL Europe back in the 1990s and early 2000s, but they took those avenues and made lemonade out of lemons, sort of speak.

We here at ONE37pm elected to name who we think are the top 30 undrafted NFL players of all-time.

1. Kurt Warner

2. Warren Moon

3. Antonio Gates

4 . James Harrison

5.Willie Brown

6. John Randle

7. Dick ‘Night Train' Lane

8. Adam Vinatieri

9.Emlen Tunnell

10. Emmitt Thomas

11. Lou Groza

12. Willie Wood

13. Joe Jacoby

14. Bill Willis

15. Priest Holmes

16. Marion Motley

17. Rod Smith

18. Wes Welker

19. Jason Peters

20. Larry Little

21. Tony Romo

22. Nate Newton

23. London Fletcher

24. Jeff Saturday

25. Michael Bennett

26. Robby Anderson

27. Chris Harris, Jr.

28. Doug Baldwin Jr.

29. Bart Scott

30. Victor Cruz

31. Spencer Paysinger

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