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Drinking water is one of the most underrated ways to stay healthy. For many people, it’s something you only do once you get thirsty, but getting a couple of liters in a day is vital to feeling energetic. Getting a water bottle can help with this, so we compiled a list of the best water bottles around.

How to pick the best water bottle for you

  • Consider size – Depending on what the amount of water you want to drink daily is, you might want to get a bigger bottle that you can run through in one day. However, if you think you’ll be travelling with it – like taking it to work or to the gym – then perhaps a smaller bottle that you can easily refill is best.
  • Consider design – Some bottles have markers on them with the time, setting a goal for you to drink a certain amount by a day. If this sounds like it would be productive for you, go for it. Other than that, water bottles come in all sorts of colors.
  • Consider display – Some water bottles are technologically advanced and have an LED on them that will tell you what temperature the water inside is.
  • Consider insulation – Perhaps you’re particular about the temperature you want to keep your water at and on top of knowing what temperature it is with a display, you want to keep it at that temperature for as long as possible. For you, an insulated bottle might be best, as this will keep a bottle either hot or cold.

1. Elvira 32oz Motivational Fitness Water Bottle

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Top Pick

This first option by Elvira is a 2lb water bottle which holds 32oz of liquid. This is about half of what you want to be drinking daily, so a refill is necessary. The bottle’s motivational time markers account for that, running first from 8AM to 1PM, then 2PM to 7PM. The filter is removable so that it can be washed thoroughly and the bottle can be opened and shut with just one hand. There are some great colors and designs available too. Some have noted that the tab that you use to open the lid can get in the way while drinking.


  • Removable filter
  • Can be used with one hand


  • Tab can get in the way
Buy now, $18.99

2. Iron Flash Sports Water Bottle

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Best For Hot Liquids

Next up is Iron Flask’s sports water bottle. It’s double insulated, which means your drink will stay hot for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours. The stainless-steel means durability, which is extra handy for workouts. When it comes to material though, the best part of it all is that the product is BPA-free. It also comes with not one, not two, but three different lids for you to use interchangeably. Some have noted that if you keep this in a backpack or gym bag to roll around all day, it could leak.


  • BPA-free
  • Stainless-steel
  • Insulated


  • Can leak
Buy now, $23.95

3. Locckmy Water Bottle

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Best For Controlling Temperature

If you’re very particular about the temperature that your water needs to be at, then this smart water bottle from Locckmy is a great option. It has an LED display on the top that accurately tells you what temperature the liquid inside is. It promises to not use a lot of energy and last years without a battery change. The bottle itself holds about 17oz of water, which is about a quarter of what you want to consume daily, so you might have to refill it a lot.


  • LED display
  • Long life
  • BPA-free


  • Only holds 17oz of liquid
Buy now, $13.99

4. Hydracy Water Bottle

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Best For Travelling

Perhaps you want a water bottle that you fill up once in the morning and will last you the entire day. If so, this option by Hydracy might be for you. It holds 64oz of liquid, the recommended amount of water you should be drinking every day. There are also time markers from 8AM until 6PM with 2 hour intervals. The bottle is made with BPA-free plastic and comes with a detachable travel strap. There are also various colors. The bottle, due to its size, is hard to drink with one hand and while the matte surface looks sick, it can look dirty quickly too.


  • Holds 64oz of liquid
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Travel strap


  • Can get dirty quickly
Buy now, $26.97

5. UZSPACE Water Bottle

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Also Consider

Finally, this water bottle from UZSPACE is 50oz/1500ml, which is enough that you won’t go thirsty all day but not so much that you’re carrying around a heavy bottle all day either. It comes with a strap which makes it incredibly easy to hold and fast-flow spout means getting the liquid out isn’t difficult at all. Some have noted that the button for opening the lid can be unresponsive sometimes.


  • Holds a good volume of liquid
  • Carry strap
  • BPA-free plastic


  • Lid can get caught
Buy now, $8.99
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