The 30 Best Winning Streaks in the UFC

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The UFC is considered by many to be the top mixed martial arts promotion in the world. So, when the wins start to add up, they can put fighters on the path to becoming the best in the world. 

With it’s 27-year history, the UFC has seen a lot of great fighters come up from the regional scene and collect enough wins to become champions. However, the winning streak on that path and beyond is what can build a legendary status for those seeking greatness in the cage. There are a lot of great athletes to consider and the UFC does provide their own stats, but Fight Matrix updates the information weekly which is good since there is a UFC event almost every week.

So, with that in mind, check out this list of the 30 best winning streaks in the UFC.

6. Max Holloway (Consecutive wins: 13)

Nothing can start a streak like a loss. For Holloway, his 2013 loss to Conor McGregor would fuel him to do more than bounce back. His very next bout was not only a win, but a knockout that won “Knockout of the night” at UFC Fight Night 34. The streak that followed would get him an interim featherweight title with a win over Anthony Pettis and eventually featherweight champion. He defended the title twice before moving up to lightweight for a chance to be a “champ-champ” and picked up a loss that would break the streak. Holloway’s very good at 145 pounds so maybe another streak is coming.

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