8 Wrestling Autobiographies We Need ASAP

WWE autobiographies are the best. Here are the titles we want to see.

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Whenever one of our favorite wrestlers spills the tea, it’s usually contained within a fascinating autobiography.

Bret Hart, Daniel Bryan, Ric Flair, Mick Foley and countless other wrestling luminaries have penned amazing books that break down their illustrious careers. Hall of Famers and underrated talents have written autobiographical books that give fans an inside look at the exciting and tumultuous world of professional wrestling. This year has been filled with a slew of noteworthy books from popular squared circle athletes, such as Al Snow, Hornswoggle, Sabu and several others. Killing a few hours reading about the early upbringing, wild road trips, and five-star matches connected to the best wrestlers in the world is always a good time.

We love reading wrestler autobiographies and we certainly want more. More specifically, we’re ready to read about the legendary careers tied to the following list of standout wrestlers.

Trish Stratus

Trish Stratus’s come up in the WWF/E is pretty remarkable. She started out as nothing more than a celebrity cameo, but she worked hard enough to become one of the best of all time. To go from a fitness magazine cover star to a Canadian wrestling legend is a pretty amazing journey that we all got to follow onscreen.

Stratus’s story would make for a pretty juicy read—we’re itching to get personal details about her early days as a valet, her brutal bouts against Jazz and her most memorable rivalry against Lita. Stratus recounting her feelings regarding her retirement match at Unforgiven 2006 sounds like a perfect book closer.

Kevin Owens

Anyone who’s ever been an independent wrestling fan since the 2000s must be shocked by the current landscape of professional wrestling. Most of the indie greats who competed in Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Full Impact Pro and countless other regional promotions are now plying their trade on the big stage. One of those indie-wrestling icons is Kevin Owens, who once wreaked havoc everywhere under the moniker of Kevin Steen.

We’d love to read about everything that turned Owens into the current-day superstar he is today. Owens started his wrestling career at age 16. And from that point forward, he made an impact everywhere he went and then some. A Kevin Owens autobiography would be the stuff of legend if it ever landed in bookstores. A whole chapter devoted to his real-life beef with Jim Cornette in ROH would be worth the price of admission alone!

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Jake Roberts’s story has already been detailed in two awesome documentaries. And by the end of them, we were on the verge of tears. The master of the DDT has been through hell and somehow came out of it as an upstanding man. Even though we know plenty of details concerning Roberts’s troubled upbringing and battles with alcoholism and drug use, we’d love to see him to write about his experiences in an inspirational autobiography. 

Roberts has competed practically everywhere and been embroiled in some of the best feuds in professional wrestling. And his redemption arc has been just as fascinating as his time spent in the ring. A Jake “The Snake” Roberts autobiography would be the ultimate page-turner. Count us all the way in if this book recounts a few anecdotes regarding the massive snakesRoberts is known for.

Scott Hall

The man formerly known as Razor Ramon is part of a special group of wrestlers who were top tier but never managed to capture the No. 1 prize in the feds they competed for. Scott Hall, one of the most charismatic wrestlers to ever compete in the WWF/E and WCW, is another individual who’s beaten his personal demons. His WWE-produced documentary was pretty engrossing, but we’d love for him to provide even more details about his life and career in a book.

We’ve sat through plenty of Scott Hall shoot interviews and the man is amazing at retelling past events. Imagine how much better those stories would be delivered if they were contained within an autobiography. Reading about Hall’s Intercontinental Championship reigns, his big move over to WCW alongside Kevin Nash and the ways in which he saved himself thanks to Diamond Dallas Page’s assistance really excites us.

Ricky Steamboat

“The Dragon” must go down in wrestling history as the greatest babyface to lace up a pair of boots. No one ever had a reason to put any dirt on Ricky Steamboat’s name—his model good looks, slick physique and flawless in-ring work earned him plenty of adoring fans throughout his career. Wrestling autobiographies that come from ’80s icons tend to be pretty remarkable, so we’d be all the way in for one that’s all about Ricky’s classic run.

The career of Ricky Steamboat is filled with classic bouts against Ric Flair, Randy Savage, Rick Rude, Steve Austin and more. And he even came back to shock the world during a collection of awesome matches with Chris Jericho! We know very little about Ricky’s home life, so we hope he’d give us an inside look at such a sensitive topic. The life and times of Ricky Steamboat needs to be told in literary form.

AJ Styles

The “Phenomenal” one built himself up into an in-ring wizard who’s always capable of stealing the show. To go from competing during the dying days of WCW to nabbing the WWE Championship is insane to see. AJ Styles wowed audiences everywhere he went and added his name to the list of wrestling’s best and brightest. We’re shocked that an autobiography detailing AJ’s fruitful career hasn’t come out yet. That’s an issue that needs to be remedied ASAP! 

AJ Styles almost accepted a WWF/E developmental deal in 2002, but he chose to turn it down so as not to interfere with his wife’s college studies. From that point on, he morphed into a fine in-ring technician who pleased the crowd in Ring of Honor, Total Nonstop Action and New Japan Pro Wrestling. Once he debuted at the 2016 Royal Rumble, the wrestling world collectively lost its mind. We’re down to read about that signature moment and more through AJ Styles’s own words.

Triple H

Now that Triple H has transitioned into an office role and become a part-time wrestler, it’s about time he gave us a proper autobiography. The workout book he produced in 2005 featured a few personal stories of his, but it wasn’t what we were looking for. HHH has accomplished so much more since then, so now’s the perfect time for him to speak on everything he’s accomplished.

There’s so much to cover here—his WCW days as Terra Ryzing, the punishment that came his way for being a part of the “Curtain Call,” his D-Generation X stable run, his WWF/E Championship reigns, the later stages of his career and so on. HHH has committed tons of unforgivable acts behind the scenes and in the ring, so we hope he’d keep it all the way real about his involvement during those instances. And of course, we’re prepared to read about the backstage reaction to his marrying Stephanie McMahon. A HHH autobiography is near the top of our wishlist.

The Undertaker

Wrestling’s one and only “Deadman” has done it all and seen it all. Mark William Calaway is still wrestling to this very day and he’s been doing it since the mid ’80s! To watch The Undertaker manage to remain relevant through countless wrestling eras is fascinating. Once he finally puts up his MMA gloves and iconic gear, two things need to happen: He needs to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and finally put out an autobiography. 

We know Calaway would ditch his Deadman zombie talk and write in a realistic tone as he speaks on his fascinating WWF/E career. We’re especially interested in reading about ’Taker’s “American Badass” gimmick and the thoughts that ran through his head when his WrestleMania streak came to an end. An Undertaker autobiography would probably be just as massive as Bret Hart’s. And guess what? We’d still be all for it!

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