The 15 Best WWE Elimination Chamber Matches

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Hey everyone! It's The Wrestling Classic here with another list for ONE37pm.

This time around I will be ranking the 15 best Elimination Chamber matches. There will be two Elimination Chamber matches coming up on February 19th in Saudi Arabia. One match for the WWE Championship and the other match for a shot at the Raw Women's Championship at Wrestlemania. I felt like it was the perfect time to get this list about Satan's Prison out of my system.

The Elimination Chamber was introduced in 2002 by Eric Bischoff. It was WWE's answer to World Championship Wrestling's War Games but with its own rules and unique structure. It was a chain-linked structure with four metal and glass pods that wrestlers wait in until they were selected to enter the match. The match is an elimination-based match where competitors get eliminated by pinfall or submission.

The match usually consists of six participants unless it features tag teams or extra participants. For example, there was a seven-person chamber once which meant, it started with three participants in the ring. Usually, the match begins with two participants in the ring and the other four in pods. There have been 28 chamber matches already and there are always high stakes. Regardless of there having been adaptations to the structure itself to make it a little safer, it is still considered one of the most dangerous matches in WWE.

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15. Elimination Chamber 2013

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Participants - Randy Orton, Mark Henry, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Jack Swagger & Kane

Jack Swagger won the 2013 Elimination Chamber. I think that is the only reason it gets forgotten but it was actually really good. Jericho and Bryan held it down as the workhorses of the match. Swagger and Kane came through using their size and power to slow things down. Randy Orton came in being as methodical and slick as Randal usually is. Mark Henry came through in a dominant form causing carnage, eliminating both Bryan and Kane with World Strongest Slams.

When Henry got eliminated after a big boot, Codebreaker, and RKO he made sure to reenter the chamber to hit all three remaining participants with World’s Strongest Slam. Orton and Jericho were the favorites to win the match but after Orton caught Jericho with an RKO to eliminate him, Swagger stole the win with the roll-up of doom. This match really did have a little bit of everything and never really felt slow. Definitely, one of the better yet forgotten Chamber matches.

14. Elimination Chamber 2011

13. Elimination Chamber 2019

12. Summerslam 2003

11. Elimination Chamber 2010

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Participants - The Undertaker (c), CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, John Morrison & R-Truth

The Elimination Chamber match became such a staple in the WWE that by 2010 it became its own annual PPV named after the match. Similar to the No Way Out PPV that took place the year prior, both World Championship titles would be defended in chamber matches as the final stop on the road to Wrestlemania.

Undertaker would defend his championship against six of Smackdown's top contenders including former champions such as Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, and CM Punk.  The underlying storyline was that Shawn Michaels was desperate to get a rematch with Undertaker at Wrestlemania following his loss to him at Wrestlemania 25.

The Undertaker refused to wrestle Shawn Michaels again which drove HBK crazy. Michaels would sneak his way into the chamber to hit the sweet chin music on Undertaker allowing Jericho to become World Champion. It was something we had never seen in the chamber before. CM Punk was also in his Straight Edge Society era, so his promos were always entertaining. Undertaker competed in this match after being burned by a pyrotechnic botch which also speaks levels of his toughness.

10. No Way Out 2009

9. Elimination Chamber 2018

8. New Year's Revolution 2006

7. Elimination Chamber 2019

6. No Way Out 2008


Participants - Triple H, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, JBL, Shawn Michaels & Umaga

The 2008 Elimination Chamber was a fun one. It was stacked with top-tier talent, especially for 2008. I remember being hyped that the Samoan Bulldozer like Umaga was in the match. He was dominant and even hit a Samoan wrecking ball to Jericho through a pod. JBL followed up his elimination by attacking everyone in the ring with a steel chair. It took everyone minus JBL to eliminate Umaga but his chair shot to Umaga might have helped wear down the monster. The final two would be Triple H and Jeff Hardy and this was the year Jeff Hardy's popularity as a singles star began to reach new heights. In the end, Triple H would end up defeating the Charismatic Enigma after two Pedigrees including one on a chair. Later in the year, Jeff would get his moment against the Game. It was an action-packed Chamber match.

5. No Way Out 2009

4. Elimination Chamber 2014

3. New Years Revolution 2005

elimination chamber 2005

Participants - Triple H, Randy Orton. Chris Benoit, Batista, Chris Jericho & Edge (Special Referee - Shawn Michaels)

The 2005 Elimination Chamber was filled with drama and layers of storytelling. When you think of the state of Raw from Evolution's inception in 2003, then the 2005 Elimination Chamber felt like the beginning of the end of that era. All the men involved had crossed paths one way or another during that era. Randy Orton was recently exiled from Evolution. Benoit is one of the few people to have gotten over on Triple H.

Edge and Jericho had their issues with Evolution over the years. Batista was gaining popularity and people wanted to see him turn on Triple H while Triple H wanted Batista to help him secure the vacant championship. While special referee Shawn Michaels had basically feuded with everyone in the chamber and was currently having issues with Edge. The final three ended up being Orton, Batista, and Triple H - this led to more seeds being planted for Evolution's demise and the rise of Batista. It's definitely a great watch.

2. Elimination Chamber 2017


Participants - John Cena (c), Bray Wyatt, Baron Corbin, Dean Ambrose, The Miz & AJ Styles

2017 was the year they introduced the new upgraded Elimination Chamber. It was safer for the participants as the surrounding floor was padded rather than just the straight chain-linked flooring and the pods became more square, giving each competitor more room to stand on top of them to perform moves. This disappointed a lot of fans which didn't make sense to me because I would rather the superstars be safer than get hurt just to make it look more dangerous. Regardless, it made the Chamber feel new again.

This one was for the WWE Championship and in the months leading to this event, the title had bounced around from Ambrose to Styles and then to Cena just the month before. Miz, Baron Corbin, and Bray Wyatt were introduced into the picture when it came to the Elimination Chamber. I don't think anyone was expecting Bray Wyatt to win the championship since he never had before and his pushes were always so stop-and-start. The champion John Cena was eliminated by The Eater of Worlds, leaving a 50/50 chance between Styles and himself at becoming the new champion. Regardless, with Orton being the Royal Rumble winner, this set the table for a Wrestlemania clash with Bray Wyatt, who he was embroiled in a storyline with. The unpredictability of the title scene at this time really made this match a lot more fun.

1. Survivor Series 2002

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