40 of the Best WWE Theme Songs

These WWE theme songs always ring off in sold out arenas

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The element of music means way more to the sport of professional wrestling than you might think.

The glitz and glamour associated with World Wrestling Entertainment encompass several things – the crowd, the bright lights, the stage setup, the entrances, the attire, and most certainly the wrestlers themselves. But the presence of recognizable and enjoyable theme songs that are attached to fan favorites and hated heels is central to one’s enjoyment of the show. It’s no surprise that some of your favorite wrestlers became so beloved due to their iconic tune that signaled their upcoming appearance. Setting the tone and getting everyone excited about what’s coming next is easily accomplished once the opening notes of a crowd-popping theme song blare over the arena loudspeakers.

There’s a huge array of WWE theme songs that elicit feelings of warm nostalgia once they’re heard on your playlist and in the confines of a live event. These 40 songs are among the greatest WWE themes of all time and are required listening for anyone who considers themselves a connoisseur of squared circle theatrics.

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1. “I Won’t Do What You Tell Me” – “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

2. “The Game” – Triple H

3. “Are You Ready? – D-Generation X

4. “Know Your Role” – The Rock

5. “No Chance in Hell” – Vince McMahon

6. “Real American” – Hulk Hogan

7. “Sexy Boy” – Shawn Michaels

8. “Hitman” – Bret Hart

9. “Unstable” – The Ultimate Warrior

10. “Break The Walls Down” – Chris Jericho

11. “Rest in Peace” – The Undertaker

12. “Next Big Thing” – Brock Lesnar

13. “Metalingus” – Edge

14. “Cult of Personality” – CM Punk

15. “Burn in My Light” – Randy Orton

16. “I Walk Alone” – Batista

17. “Blood” – The Brood

18. “At Last” – Christian

19. “The Rising Sun” – Shinsuke Nakamura

20. “Glorious” – Bobby Roode

21. “Catch Your Breath” – Finn Balor

22. “Oh You Didn’t Know?” – The New Age Outlaws

23. “Burned” – Kane

24. “Power” – Nation of Domination

25. “Pain and Destruction” – Demolition

26. “Here Comes The Money” – Shane McMahon

27. “Some Bodies Gonna Get It” – Mark Henry

28. “Who I Am” – Chyna

29. “No More Words” – Jeff Hardy

30. “If You Dare” – Tazz

31. “Danger At the Door” – D'Lo Brown

32. “Pearl River Rip” – Ahmed Johnson

33. “The Ho Train” – The Godfather

34. “Get On Your Knees” – Jack Swagger

35. “Eyes of Righteousness” – Reverend D-Von

36. “My Time” – Triple H / Chyna

37. “This is a Test” – Test

38. “Special Op” – The Shield

39. “Visionary” – Seth "Freakin" Rollins

40. “Made in the USA” – Lex Luger

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