Who is the Current UFC Heavyweight Champion?

Plus a breakdown of who has won the title in the past.

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For years, the title “baddest man on the planet” went to whoever was boxing’s heavyweight champion. It stemmed from multiple eras of heavyweights ruling the sport and with the scene the way it is now, with Joshua, Fury, Wilder and Ruiz all in the mix, you’d think that would be the case today. But it isn’t. The current UFC heavyweight champion is Stipe Miocic, who regained the title from Daniel Cormier in their trilogy fight back in August.

Over the year as MMA grows more and more popular, even boxing analysts like Max Kellerman have admitted that the baddest man on the planet should be the UFC Heavyweight Champion, due to the nature of both sports.

With that in mind, if you need a little history of the UFC’s heavyweight title, we’ve got you covered.

Stipe Miocic (May 2016 – Jul 2018, Aug 2020 – Present)

Daniel Cormier (Jul 2018 – Aug 2020)

Fabricio Werdum (Nov 2014 – May 2016)

Cain Velasquez (Oct 2010 – Nov 2011, Dec 2012 – Nov 2014)

Junior dos Santos (Nov 2011 – Dec 2012)

Brock Lesnar (Nov 2008 – Oct 2010)

Randy Couture (Dec 1997 – Jan 1998, Nov 2000 – Mar 2002, Mar 2007 – Nov 2008)

Tim Sylvia (Feb 2003 – Oct 2003, Apr 2006 – Mar 2007)

Andrei Arlovski (Feb 2005 – Apr 2006)

Frank Mir (Jun 2004 – Aug 2005)

Ricco Rodriguez (Sep 2002 – Feb 2003)

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