Peep These Epic NBA Thunder Memes

Dame got 50, hit a preposterous game-winner and then the memes came

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Damian Lillard has always been undersung. A four-year player at mid-major Weber State, Lillard has outworked his peers to become one of the league’s most dangerous scorers, earning a First Team All-NBA appearance last year. He’s made being a 6-foot-3 PG/SG tweener an asset rather than a liability, building a lane for future NBA players with similarly amorphous, but dazzling, skill sets. But the best might be yet to come.

Last night, in a duel with Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook, Lillard dominated the former MVP and the Thunder, ending the season for a team many considered a playoff dark horse. He went for 50, hitting deep, tough threes from all over the floor. He created scoring looks out of thin air. At times it doesn’t feel like the Trail Blazers run a ton of action toward him, and instead letLillard create and find teammates on the strength of his playmaking alone. While the Blazers have been knocked out of the playoffs earlier than expected in years past, all you had to do was watch Lillard last night to know that history wasn’t going to repeat itself. (It helped that Westbrook couldn’t make anything, but that’s another story.)

And then this happened: 

Watching an insane, landscape-altering play live is one of the best reasons to be online late at night, and last night's Internet discourse did not let us down. The memes, they were a flyin'. Here's a roundup of the best media from last night.


Something comforting about the modern era is that, thanks to the advances of cell phone cameras, you're going to get shots from the crowd. The bigger the moment, the more likely you're going to see some quality footage from a third party, especially if they're sitting courtside:

I was waiting for a "game, blouses" mashup, and the Internet has provided, once again.

We found our own way into the meme, and so can you!

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