2022 Dreamville Chi-League Pro-Am Powered By Wilson


The NBA season only spans from October to June, but the game of basketball itself is a year round sport. No matter what season of the year, you can find the beautiful game of basketball being played at a high level somewhere. NBA players will spend their offseason training, playing with international teams in FIBA competitions, and sometimes play in scrimmage games that are mixed with pro and amaterur hoopers. 

Pro-Am basketball events are nothing new. The pickup style brand of the sports has been a staple in basketball for decades. From Jamal Crawfords ‘The Crawsover Pro-Am’ in Seattle to Dyckman Basketball in New York, the game of basketball literally stretches from sea to shining sea. The sporting goods company ‘Wilson’ along with record label ‘Dreamville’ have gone to great lengths to build out the infrastructure of a pro-am league in Chicago, and just finished their second successful year of the event.

Championship Saturday

Notable Players

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