#Face2FaceTime with Victor Oladipo

The NBA All-Star and Indiana Pacers point guard on failure and (sweet) success

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Victor Oladipo / Getty Images

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NBA All-Star Victor Oladipo—and winner of Most Improved Player at the 2018 NBA Awards—felt he had one of the worst performances of his career in the Rockets playoff series when he was playing for OKC.

It forced him to look within and transform his regimen to fulfill his potential, which ultimately led him to having one of the best NBA seasons last year on the Indiana Pacers. "If you won't invest in yourself then obviously no one else is invested in you," he told our CEO Ryan Harwood.

Oladipo also told Harwood about the one quality he thinks all successful people must have: resilience and the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. "Anybody who's great in anything is resilient," Oladipo says. 

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