How dosist Aims to Help You Get Back in the Game With CBD


There’s no doubt that being a former athlete comes with so many benefits and positive life experiences. But there is one little thing nobody ever tells you: injuries can resurface, even years after you’ve walked away from the game. While you may have thought those ankle sprains and shin splints were long behind you, sometimes you get a gentle reminder that, well, they aren’t. Throw in the natural stressors of work, life, lack of sleep and unfortunately the pain can get worse over time.

Fewer people understand this feeling more than dosist executive chairman and co-founder Jason DeLand. A former collegiate baseball player, DeLand kicked off his career at a multi-disciplinary ad agency, but it wasn’t until he co-founded dosist in 2016 that his passions all merged. “I was always an athlete who played all kinds of sports, and my goal was to improve recovery because—with baseball in particular—you play in the summer, fall, and spring. It’s pretty tough on your body. I was looking for ways to recover and feel healthy, and that requires a balance of all things. [dosist] would have been helpful when I was playing, especially our topical products because of their effectiveness on the endocannabinoid  system (the endocannabinoid system plays a big role in regulating important functions in the body like sleep, appetite, mood, and memory)” says DeLand. 

For those who aren’t familiar, dosist is a modern wellness company dedicated to providing cannabis and natural plant-based therapies to help people improve their overall health and happiness. The company originally began in the regulated cannabis space but is currently rolling out a new line of advanced CBD+ topical relief products which include a lotion, roll-on, and performance relief spray oil.

Priding himself and dosist on encouraging the use of natural cannabinoid products that are targeted, innovative, and effective, DeLand brings rare credibility and authenticity to the space. His one goal? To rehabilitate and educate. “I'm constantly trying to find ways for the human body to be in balance because I believe the body is the most amazing prescription ever,” says DeLand.

I'm constantly trying to find ways for the human body to be in balance because I believe the body is the most amazing prescription ever.

- Jason DeLand

As a former athlete myself, I can relate to DeLand’s mission. In my time on the basketball court, I suffered a couple of nasty injuries including a high-grade ankle sprain and an injury to my lower back from a mid-air collision with one of my teammates. I was ultimately able to recover from both, but it certainly didn’t help when, years later, I slipped and fell right on my back at a serving job thanks to a small puddle of water that somebody failed to mop up. Enter: All that pain flooding right back. I never imagined that I would still be feeling the effects of those injuries more than 10 years later, and I've spent the better part of these last few years relying on yoga and physical therapy as a part of my rehabilitation process.

Thankfully, I was introduced to dosist and was able to test out the new topical relief performance spray oil. Here’s my hot take, and a few more reasons why this spray is great for helping you get back in the game (if you’re ready for it).

First Things First, It Helps Kick-Start Recovery

The dosist topical relief performance spray oil has a nanoblend formula that combines CBD, CBG, and CBC cannabinoid bio-receptors that penetrate layers of skin to deal with pain by disrupting an invisible waxy barrier on the skin that most of us are unaware we even have. I applied the spray on my lower back after an early morning body weight routine (that included deadlifts—yeah, I do deadlifts), and I was pleasantly surprised to feel the soreness in that area begin to ease within the hour. My lower back region continued to feel less tense as more time passed, and I applied the spray two more times throughout the day (once in the afternoon to avoid stiffness while sitting at my desk, and right before bed to avoid early morning soreness).

When I spoke to DeLand, he outlined exactly how the products work to relieve that uncomfortable pain and tension. “Our products need to have absorption, and bio-availability. With the spray, you massage it into your skin, and the CBD, CBG, and CBC gets into it to reduce inflammation. Our products work best with regular and consistent use to help reduce pain. So, you will start to feel the benefits with the initial use and then each day experience increased relief.

It Uses All-Natural Ingredients

The natural component of the dosist topical relief performance spray oil is another major selling point. The spray has active plant ingredients like capsicum, menthol, and arnica, all of which can help increase circulation, reduce pain, and promote recovery. Again, this is something that is very important to myself and like-minded individuals because I’ve never been too keen on prescription pain medication or over-the-counter relief. While those medicines do have their benefits and can be very helpful to some, my go-to has always been natural and plant-based. The body itself can be a natural healer, which is something that DeLand also believes strongly.

It Helps to Keep You in Balance

Seeing as though it was my first time using any cannabinoid product, I was a little concerned about feeling any psychoactive effects. Rest assured, dosist topical relief products use only cannabinoids that help with aches and pains and include no psychoactive ingredients. dosist products give you just the right balance of CBD, CBG, and CBC to help reduce pain and inflammation and assist with physical recovery. Applying the product before bed was perfect because I woke up with less inflammation/soreness than normal for the day after an intense workout.

In Sum: I’d Highly Recommend to Friends

In my opinion, the dosist topical relief performance spray oil is a game-changer. It was especially helpful to my lower back region because sitting at my desk all day tends to aggravate that old injury from time-to-time. I must admit that I let my workout routine slip during the majority of this pandemic, but since I’ve started up again, this product has been a favorite. While I still have a long way to go, I know dosist will play a big role in helping me reach my goals, and I highly recommend dosist's topical cbd+ products to athletes, former athletes and those anywhere in between who struggle with muscle pain, soreness and discomfort. They can help get you back in the game. Bonus: All the dosist products can easily fit into a workout bag, briefcase or purse, so you can take them everywhere you go.

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