How Much Do F1 Reserve Drivers Make? Chasing the Bag

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So, you're wondering how much F1 reserve drivers make? I have you covered!

It's no secret that Formula 1–and the sport of racing in general–is one of the most lucrative job titles in the world. For some, racing at other-worldly speeds and narrowly avoiding death to be the first one to cross the checkered flag is the greatest thing in life.

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To make it in F1, generally drivers have work their way up through the various levels of Formula racing. Before a racer makes the final jump to a full-time Formula 1 driver, generally they are slotted as a reserve or backup for their team.

Here's a breakdown of the reserve drivers in Formula 1 with an estimate of how much they earn.

Roles and Responsibilities of Reserve Drivers

How Much Do F1 Reserve Drivers Make?

Reserve Drivers in Formula 1

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