Inside Victor Oladipo’s Ferocious Grind

The Indiana Pacer takes us behind the scenes of his rehab

While Victor Oladipo’s personal style and musical skills reveal a personality that extends far beyond the court, he’s not about to let you confuse his exploration for a lack of dedication to basketball. As he returns from a devastating quad injury and rounds back to All-Star form for the 2019-2020 NBA season, he’s setting the tone right from the jump.

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“Basketball is more than just a sport for us,” Oladipo says in the latest episode of “Frame of Mind,” presented by ONE37pm and Bose. “It’s our life.” 

Despite Oladipo’s setback, he advocates an approach that frames failure as a pathway to success, something that can be conquered by hard work. Reflecting on his past and his mother’s advice, Oladipo has emerged from the injury as more focused and clear-minded. Though he’s only 27, he’s earned the wisdom of a veteran.

“Don’t be surprised when you fail,” Oladipo says. “But how are you going to react when you do?”

As the off-season winds down and the games begin again, Oladipo puts his rehabilitation into perspective.

“I truly believe getting injured was a blessing,” Oladipo says. “I can’t wait to show people why.”