Elton's Jay White in AEW Dream Matches

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1. Adam Page

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Back at NJPW Strong Style Evolved 2018, these two former Bullet Club stablemates clashed over the IWGP United States Championship. And to the surprise of no one, that match was a momentous banger. And now in 2022, both men are back in the same wrestling fed once again and you guys just know I'm chomping at the bit to see them square off once more. White's more methodical approach to offense meshed really well with Page's high-impact style once before, so I just know that clash of styles will come off even better now that both men are more seasoned wrestlers. White would make for a legit AEW World Championship challenger for Page during his current reign.

2. Andrade El Idolo

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Andrade El Idolo is so silky smooth in the ring - he pulls off his Lucha Libre-inspired moveset in the coolest way possible. He's also capable of laying in some stiff strikes and locking in some nasty submissions to boot. I'd pay good money to watch Andrade lock up with White to determine which heel is the coolest between the both of them. Andrade is incapable of having a bad match with just about anyone when he's given the proper time to create some in-ring magic. I'm betting White would definitely show up and show out against one of the best luchadors in AEW. The war of chops between these guys would be off the charts!

3. Bryan Danielson

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I figured this match would go down in NJPW at some point. But now that White has made his presence felt in AEW, I'm confident that he'll catch the eye of Daniel Bryan and get this dream feud going sooner rather than later. The "American Dragon" is currently in his prime and so is the "Switchblade." This bout seems like the perfect showcase for technical wrestling that would incorporate the smoothest displays of counter wrestling and submission exchanges. This seems like the sort of match that's so important that it'd force Danielson to break out his old Cattle Mutilation submission hold to nab the win.

4. Christian Cage

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Christian Cage's stay in AEW has resulted in "Captain Charisma" having great matches with Frankie Kazarian, Powerhouse Hobbs, and Kenny Omega. While he's busy managing Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus at the moment, I'm ready for him to put his working boots back on once that role comes to an end. And I'm quite sure that he and White would put forth something magical if they ever came to blows. Both of these guys are so incredibly effortless when it comes to pulling off sweet counters and engrossing action. I'd love to see White show just how good he truly is with a veteran standing across the ring from him.

5. Kenny Omega


Back at NJPW’s The New Beginning in Sapporo 2018 event, White and Kenny Omega clashed over the IWGP United States Championship. And the end result of that match was White defeating Omega, which came as quite a shock at the time. Even though Omega admitted to this bout being a one-time thing, I know in my heart that these two will get into it once again upon Omega's return. With Adam Cole making big moves alongside the Young Bucks in his absence by bringing in Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, and White, I'm sure Omega won't be too fond of those changes to his stable. The Bullet Club Civil War is currently brewing, which will eventually lead to White and Omega meeting each other in the ring once again.

6. Malakai Black

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Is White durable enough to endure all those stiff kicks Malakai Black dished out to his many victims? I sure would like to see him try! Black came into AEW with aspirations of violence and has done a great job of fulfilling his cult's dark prophecy since then. His bouts with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Dante Martin, and his non-AEW encounters with Buddy Matthews have reignited his fire and made him a must-see wrestler all over again. I'm gonna need Tony Khan to kick off some beef between White's Bullet Club brothers and The House of Black to get this match going on a special edition of Dynamite.

7. PAC


PAC is such a rare gem in the world of wrestling - he plays his character to perfection, knows how to throw out very convincing heel promos, and is masterful when it comes to match pacing. His movelist would mesh quite well with White's maneuvers by giving the "Switchblade" someone of smaller stature to create greatness with. White's done some awesome things with Kota Ibushi, whose considered one of the best high-flyers/strikers in the game. PAC is comparable to Ibushi in that manner, so it's clear that White would also blow everyone's mind with a match against "The Bastard."

8. Sammy Guevara

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And here's another AEW high-flyer that's super impressive in the ring. Sammy Guevara's resume includes classic bouts with the likes of Cody Rhodes, Jay Lethal, and Darby Allin. He's charted a course for himself that has made him even bigger than the Inner Circle due to his reigns as TNT Champion. I'm ready to see him clash with White. And to make the stakes even higher, I'd be down to see this match contested for the TNT Championship! Give these guys 15+ minutes on an episode of Rampage and I'm sure its ratings will be much higher than usual!

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