Jordan Fuller Talks Sports Psychology, Getting Stronger, and Family

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When you play football at THE Ohio State… and then play in the NFL, you do a lot of interviews and answer a lot of questions. 

The prompts get old and repetitive, but for the most part, the athletes are gracious enough to answer without too much attitude, even though I am sure that they are uninterested. 

Jordan Fuller is no exception. For every question asked, he gives a thoughtful response.

ONE37pm: How does the body feel now compared to last season? The body is still growing. 

Fuller: “I definitely feel like I am getting stronger. As a rookie, I found out other things I need to work on. Strength, mobility, and overall wellness. My mental. I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person too. The body feels great. Mentally and spiritually.” 

ONE37pm: So many players have committed to seeing a sports psychologist. Is that something you have dabbled in? 

Fuller: “I wanted to delve into speaking things into existence. And I have, I feel like I am in a good place.”

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