These 5 NBA Tunnel Fits Are the Hottest of the Month

Some overdue love is doled out in our latest fits roundup

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While the playoffs bring postseason-level fits to the table, it’s also a war of attrition. After each round, half of the competing teams are dispatched, along with their players’ designs on future arena tunnel runways. Fit gods like Kelly Oubre Jr. and Kyle Kuzma are at home—maybe even getting a head start on next year’s fits—and the competition is only dwindling, especially as playoff routines harden and superstitions kick in.

But fear not! Plenty of our guys are still out there, doing their thing and flexing while also helping their teams toward a championship. This will be a smaller space next month. Let’s enjoy the present together. 

Klay Fashion's Anti-Fashion *is* Fashion, Get Over Yourself

A lot was made of this look, and for good reason: It’s iconic. If your ideology about fashion bends toward more of an extension of personal style, nothing could be more perfect for Klay. It’s a vest, but he’s not being all “I have a new CBD startup” about it. Sunglasses on, slightly crooked, but perfect in a specific, post-modernist way. It’s the look Harmony Korine would never think to shamelessly utilize—it exists on some kind of higher spectral plane, free from the constraints of expectation. The Beach Bum looks bad. —Corban Goble


We’re fully supporting the yee-haw movement over here. And even more than that, we support those on lottery teams that are still liable to get a fit off. After Bron dipped and the cameras followed, it would have been easy to show up in team track suits or tech fleece every day.

But instead, Kev took it as a chance to reinvent his swag. Traded in the Thom Browne for some Nike selvedge and went to work. —Jacob Forchheimer

Dennis Schroder, Your Drip Watch Has Ended

Pray for April. In one month, Dennis Schroeder went full bright orange spring-jawn on us, early.

But what makes this fit hit so hard is that it made you bite. And then later in the same month—when it was supposed to get warmer—Dennis stepped back and drilled a 35-footerwith this Nike tech fleece ensemble. Schröder stays wavy no matter the weather. The weather has nothing on Dennis Schröder. That’s a rare level—that “premium subscription to Dark Sky” swag. All-wheel-drive type of drip. —Jacob Forchheimer

Trae Young, Being Literal is OK

I’m all sorts of ways about this one. I like that it’s literal, and I’ve always thought more needed to happen with the ICEE typeface, especially in a window of time where some dude named the Night King holds a massive space in the cultural imagination. I’m flirting with a frame of mind that this iced-out rook look is too literal, too on the nose, too repetitive, the lowest-hanging fruit made real. 

But then I come around to be more honest with myself. I like literal. I like repetitive. This works. —Corban Goble

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Icy As Always

There are so few humans in the world who can dress like NBA players. The combination of BMI, long limbs and seven- to nine-figure salaries really trims the pool. And as a result of this circumstance, it’s become sort of obvious that only a couple of stylists service the majority of the NBA. It’s also very clear when a few players—like Shai—are not part of that ring.

This chic and statement-making shirt is exactly the style of garment that the big ballers in the league drool over—and Shai is only a rookie on a fixed-salary rookie deal, meaning the only way he got his hands on this is by finding it himself. But not even in a trying-hard way, which is a perfect expression of Shai’s energy. It just sort of… fell onto his shoulders.

A cartoon drawing shirt would look a little juvenile by itself. So he hype-ified it with Olivier pants and Off-White Converse. He doesn’t even need the second contract to flex (this shirt is $20). Shai’s got the juice. —Jacob Forchheimer

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