It's a New Day for WWE

His victory at Mania was an all-timer. But what happens next?

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April 7, 2019, will go down in history.

Dubbed “The Showcase of the Immortals, "WrestleMania 35 lived up to the hype as MetLife Stadium put 82,265 screaming fans through the turnstiles to witness the first-ever all-female Main Event. As Becky Lynch etched her name into the history books as only the second women’s double champion in WWE history, another seasoned veteran stole the show in typical fashion as he was finally able to get his due respect.

After 11 grueling years in the WWE, Kofi Kingston finally experienced his career-defining WrestleMania moment, defeating Daniel Bryan to become the new WWE heavyweight champion. The win not only put him in the prestigious " Triple Crown” group—a list of past and present wrestlers who have held heavyweight, tag team and intercontinental championship titles reigns in their careers—but it leads wrestling into a new era.

Ever since he made his debut in 2006, Kofi oozed potential to be a main-card wrestler thanks to his unbelievable in-ring ability. He joined WWE’s Raw show in 2008 and has been a regular talent on low-to mid-card matches. Kingston has shown the world that if you believe in yourself and stand true to your character—eventually you will be rewarded heavily. The fruits of his labor began to show when Kingston met Xavier Woods and Big E Langston and formed the New Day, a group that would propel Kingston to become a WWE fan favorite.

Kingston was already a three-time Intercontinental Champion and a United States Champion when his career trajectory skyrocketed as soon as the New Day took off. Though the New Day’s narrative arc started as heels, they have since become one of WWE’s biggest draws.

Thanks to their quirky, animated antics, the New Day was able to successfully introduce a new style of sports entertainment while bringing back fans from the Attitude Era. Whether it was Xavier Woods's playing a trombone to mock opponents or Big E’s animated antics, clever joking and subliminal jabs during interviews, the New Day brought a new sense of energy to the WWE that was becoming very rare. During their title run, Kingston stood out as a superstar ready to explode to another level with his acrobatic moves. You can witness this during his past Royal Rumble entries:

From being caught in midair by one of his tag partners to walking on his hands to keep him from having two feet touch the ground in order to avoid elimination, Kingston’s crafty ability to think on his feet caught the eye of many wrestling experts and fans. But they didn’t know when it would be time for Kingston to live up to his superstar potential. They didn’t know how soon it would happen—until now.

What Kingston recently did was nothing short of spectacular. Despite what Vince McMahon threw at him, Kingston was able to defeat top names to prove his worth and show the higher-ups that he is rightfully deserving of a main event match. Thanks to his tag-team partners, as well as scoring unbelievable wins during his gauntlet matches, Kingston's route to a WWE title match has to be ranked as one of the greatest of all time, with respect to the wrestlers he defeated.

With the backing of well-known fans such as rapper Wale, Kingston has the potential to broaden the audience of new fans on a worldwide spectrum. As the New Day catapults themselves to pop culture phenoms, the world should get ready for a Kingston takeover, as his capability of becoming a show-stealing sensation could potentially carry over as an era-changing phenomenon for the WWE. He has certainly paved the way for another young, sensational black wrestler to break through the scene and challenge Kingston for the title one day.

Luckily, WWE’s minor league developmental program, NXT, has a wrestler who matches that description: Velveteen Dream.

Currently, the North American champion, Dream has been one of NXT's top stars on the show, as his in-ring performance, over-the-top promos and flamboyant yet charismatic personality have been winning over new fans one appearance at a time. Dream becoming the newest obstacle to Kingston’s goal of remaining the WWE champion would bring not only excitement to wrestling but also a new wave of fans paying attention to the sport—namely, the black community. The WWE has been longing for a new face to reel in fans the way The Rock did during his reign as WWE champion, and Dream’s D.C. roots and Kingston’s African roots could attract the black community to the sport. The anticipation of Dream’s call up to the majors is huge, and his potential to be a groundbreaking force in WWE will be an experience to look out for.

The perfect person who can push this phenom into superstar status in a short amount of time is none other than Kingston himself. Imagine this: Kofi Kingston vs. Velveteen Dream for the WWE heavyweight championship. That’s a future the WWE has finally begun steering itself toward.

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