What We Know About The Clippers ‘Intuit Dome’

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The professional sports industry is bigger and worth more money than ever before. Teams are being sold for record prices, players are receiving higher salaries, and the stadiums… let’s just say are evolving. The days of a single jumbotron centered above half-court look to be dead. We’ve seen the potential that these types of stadiums have to hold big-time events with venues like SoFi Stadium and AT&T Stadium. As Steve Balmer and the Los Angeles Clippers begin construction of their own $1.8 billion new stadium, we take a look at what’s in store for the Intuit Dome.

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Clippers Leaving Arena

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The Los Angeles Clippers were founded in 1970 as an expansion team originally named the Buffalo Braves. They had been sharing the Arena (formerly Staples Center) with the Los Angeles Lakers since it opened in 1999. It’s common knowledge that the Clippers have lived in the shadow of the Lakers. Since Steve Ballmer purchased the Clippers for a $2 billion dollars, he has been keen on creating their own identity. Yes, finally getting out of your parents basement and moving into your own place is nice, but what identity are the Clippers exactly trying to cultivate?

Intuit Dome

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Ground was first broken for the Intuit Dome in September of 2021. The newly minted dome is slated to seat 18,000 people, which should be ample space for the Clippers' fan base. The dome will also include a practice facility, sports medicine clinic, team offices, retail spaces, and a large outdoor plaza with basketball courts open to the public. A feature that the Clippers are looking to add, which no basketball arena has done before, is court-side cabanas. When you hear the word cabana you usually think about sipping drinks in front of the pool, but the Clippers are looking to add that experience to the floor of NBA games. As stated on “Courtside seats with all the perks of a suite. A first of its kind arena hospitality product, the court-side cabanas offer a fully immersive seating experience. The exterior seats are positioned on the outside of the suite, behind the baseline, for a private courtside view. In the interior, just steps from the court, your guests will enjoy all the amenities and privacy of a suite experience."

The Wall

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After spending their entire franchises history as the little brother to the Los Angeles Lakers, the Clippers are fully trying to build and cultivate their own brand. One way they are doing this is with their fan only 'Wall' section of the stadium seating. Like in college sports or proper football, the Intuit Dome will have its own section that is exclusive to Clippers fans. Per the NBA; "This section is for Clippers fans only. If you choose to be a part of The Wall, you (and your guests) can't cheer for the opposing team or wear any gear that supports our opponents. Break these rules and you'll lose access to this section. In order to maintain this section exclusively for Clippers fans, only Chuckmark-certified fans can buy tickets to The Wall. More importantly, ticket resale can only take place in our Clippers certified marketplace for chuckmark-certified fans.​​"

Halo Board

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The Clippers recently revealed their concept images of what the inside of the stadium and jumbotron will look like. The newly minted ‘Halo Board’ will give fans a near acre-long screen to watch replays and look at live stats. The video screen will have a 4k view that stretches across the entirety of the arena. The screen is being built by Daktronics, a pioneer LED designer that has taken the sports stadium world by storm.

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