The Most Expensive F1 Tickets for the Rest of 2024

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Formula 1 has famously exploded in popularity in the U.S. thanks in large part to the Netflix series, Drive to Survive, and the increasing amount of races held here in the States. F1 has long been popular elsewhere in the world, though, so it's no shock that when you combine global popularity with increased exposure in the U.S., being a fan in person is liable to get pricey.

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The 2024 Formula 1 season kicked off the first weekend in March and will run through the Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix December 6-8 in Dubai. With race weekends happening regularly, there are 18 races left in the 2024 season, beginning with the Miami Grand Prix this weekend.

As you might imagine given the hype surrounding the Miami event, that is one of the 10 most expensive of the year to attend. Where does it rank and what are the other nine—named with the same official location titles F1 uses—on the list? Read on to find out!

There are obviously lots of different types of tickets and ways to buy them, but this list refers to an average three-day Main Grandstand ticket or something comparable (converted to $USD where applicable), since we figure if you're gonna go to an F1 race, you want an iconic viewpoint and are willing to pay for it!

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10. Netherlands, August 23-25, $790

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You can sit in some primo seats for three days of racing at the Heineken Dutch Grand Prix for under $800? Get yourself to the Circuit Zandvoort in Holland, a legendary racing area that hosted it's first street race in 1939 and has been a regular setting for big races, albeit in an oft-altered track, since 1948.

9. Brazil, November 1-3, $819

The season-long race will be heating up by the time teams arrive in São Paulo, Brazil, for Round 21 at the beginning of November. The Lenovo Grande Prêmio de São Paulo will be held at Autódromo José Carlos Pace, a legendary F1 track known for it's serpentine layout and the famous Brazilian driver for which it's named after, who died in a plane crash in 1977.

8. Azerbaijan, September 13-15, $820

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Not that São Paulo wouldn't be spectacular, but for a dollar more on average, you could take sports tourism to another level and check out the Qatar Airways Azerbaijan Grand Prix in September in Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan located right on the Caspian Sea. Baku City Circuit, where the race is run, is what it sounds like: a temporary set up that's been hosting elite racers since 2016.

7. Great Britain, July 5-7, $971

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They say summer in Great Britain is amazing for sports fans, though in the U.S. that's usually been touted because of Wimbledon and The Open. Well, race fans can add the Qatar Airways British Grand Prix to a dream July of sport, as the race will be held at iconic Silverstone Circuit in England in early July.

6. Singapore, September 20-22, $1,038

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Head east to Marina Bay, Singapore, for the Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix and watch your ticket price jump over a grand U.S. But why not? This race takes place at night for viewing purposes in the West, which creates amazing visuals on the Marina Bay Street Circuit, a course that's been in use since 2008.

5. Monaco, May 24-26, $1,071

There may be no more storied race on the F1 circuit than the Grand Prix de Monaco, which has been taking place since 1929! Held on a super tight street course, it runs "just" 162 miles, the only Grand Prix that does not adhere to the International Automobile Federation's typical 190-mile minimum race distance for F1.

4. United States, October 18-20, $1,150

The U.S. has technically held a Grand Prix since 1908, but not annually and at many different locations. It's been held at the Circuit of the Americas—the first American track built specifically for F1—since 2012, and given the nature of its home city, Austin, it's unsurprisingly become quite the party.

3. Miami, May 3-5, $1600

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While South Florida has a decent history with racing events, the Miami Grand Prix is in just its third year and has quickly become a full-on celebrity magnet, drawing stars from near and wide to the only U.S.-based F1 event held before Fall. This year's weekend is about to kick off so hurry up if you want to catch the action!

2. Mexico City, October 25-27, $1,746

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Break out the big bucks for the Mexico City Grand Prix, a mega-popular race since 2015 after originally starting in the 1960's as the Mexico Grand Prix but also enduring a long stretch in the 1990's and earlier 2000's when it did not even take place despite near-annual rumors that it was coming back. Perhaps its current popularity—and price tag—stems from folks being extra appreciative the race is back on the F1 calendar.

1. Las Vegas, November 21-23, $2,750

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What a wild event! This race course, the appropriately named Las Vegas Strip Circuit, literally includes what is usually the busiest street in this non-stop city. Introduced just last year in a city that hadn't held an F1 race since 1982, the Heineken Silver Las Vegas Grand Prix is the only race we can think of that might be most famous for being expensive, and not in a totally good way.

Hefty price tag or not, it's sure to be a scene and in many ways was the genesis for this entire piece. Hope you can make it to Sin City for this race or one of the others listed below (or even the Rolex Belgian Grand Prix, which is pictured at the top of this story and looks to have fancy Main Grandstand three-day tickets for the bargain price of $681 a pop).

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