The Most Rushing Yards in an NFL Season

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(Photo by Richard Mackson /Sports Illustrated via Getty Images)

There have been some amazing running backs throughout the years, but who had the most rushing yards in an NFL season? Let's get in to it!

In the realm of professional football, few positions embody the relentless spirit, raw athleticism, and game-changing abilities quite like the running back. As the backbone of offensive attack, these exceptional athletes possess the power to dictate the rhythm of a game, turning ordinary plays into breathtaking displays of skill and finesse. Over the years, the NFL has been graced by an illustrious lineage of running backs who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

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Today, we take a look at the best rushing performances throughout the NFLs 100+ history. Here are the players with the most rushing yards in an NFL season, game, and career!

Most Rushing Yards in A Game: Adrian Peterson

Most Rushing Yards in A Season: Eric Dickerson

Career Rushing Yards Leader: Emmitt Smith

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