NBA 2019 Offseason Calendar

ONE37pm is here to prepare you for the biggest NBA offseason in recent memory

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This offseason is going to be a doozie. Kevin Durant—among other elite players like Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving—is set to become a free agent, and wherever he goes will tilt the balance of the NBA. Zion Williamson, the most anticipated NBA rookie since LeBron, will enter the league. Two big markets, Los Angeles and New York/Brooklyn, have roster space to absorb stars in media markets thirsting for them. The Western Conference has dominated for so long. Is the power about to shift?

The NBA offseason has arguably become more entertaining than the regular season. The transactions, the takes and the tweets are all coming in high volume and career arcs are remade. 

May 14: NBA Lottery

Zion Williamson’s NBA destination will be decided. The first domino of the offseason falls.

May 30: NBA Finals

While every year’s NBA Finals is an event in its own right, this year’s championship has more significance. The result will ripple through the league, and new narratives could emerge. Which stars will stay with the Sixers? Will the Bucks bring back Khris Middleton on a max deal? 

June 10: EYBL Peach Jam Finals

The nation's premiere AAU tournament culminates with this week in Atlanta.

June 20: NBA Draft

While this year’s class hasn’t attracted as much attention as those in years past—outside of Zion, that is—getting good talent on rookie contracts is still the most financially efficient path to success.

July 1: Free Agency Starts

This is the first date when NBA free agents can sign with new teams. In the past, the most coveted players have decided their fate before the day, but they always make the announcement early in the window.

July 5 to July 15: NBA Summer League

The NBA Summer League has become the league’s marquee offseason social event. The Las Vegas location attracts front office personnel, journalists, fans and personalities who have built the league’s profile. 

August 3: NBA2K League Finals

Much of the NBA 2K League calendar wisely happens during the NBA offseason, when attention won’t be divided between its nightly events and the playoffs. 

August 20: Jordan Brand Classic

The last big high school all-star game of the summer season collects the biggest prospects in the country in New York for a weekend of hoops and hype.

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