We Sent our Photo Editor to the 2018 NBA Draft, Here's What She Captured

As senior photo editor of ONE37pm, I attended the 2018 NBA Draft. It was a big night for everyone–including Marvin Bagley, Kevin Knox, Deandre Ayton, Mikal Bridges, Wendell Carter Jr, Jaren Jackson and Chandler Hutchison (pictured below). 

After their moment of glory on stage, players milled about backstage, celebrating with family members and talking to the media.

Number-one pick DeAndre Ayton was humbled by the evening's events. "Having my name called to be the first pick for the Phoenix Suns was mind-blowing. Having all that confidence and leading up to that point when I saw Adam Silver came out, I was just waiting for my name, and when he called it, my mind went blank."

Marvin Bagley

nba draft 11
Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

Kevin Knox

nba draft 7
Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

Deandre Ayton

nba draft 4
Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

Mikal Bridges

nba draft 5
Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

Wendell Carter Jr.

nba draft 2 0
Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

Chandler Hutchinson

nba draft 8 3
Sarah Jacobs/ONE37pm

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