Four NBA G-League Teams To Watch Out For

Each week we'll be bringing you four teams in the G-League to watch out for

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It’s already been a whirlwind of a season in the NBA so far, and the action has been non-stop over the last couple days. With the G-League season being officially postponed until January 5th due to players being called up to the NBA amidst the recent COVID outbreak, we thought we would start a weekly series highlighting NBA G-League teams that you should be on your radar. The season is sure to be exciting when it starts back up, so let’s not waste anymore time and get straight to it as we’ll be previewing four teams each week.

1. Santa Cruz Warriors

2. Raptors 905

3. Cleveland Charge

4. Iowa Wolves

We'll that's gonna wrap up this week's installment. Be sure to stay tuned as we highlight more teams and player in the days to come.

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