Avengers Assemble: NBA Players as Marvel Characters

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Although our world isn't filled with the superheroes that occupy the Marvel universe, we have a different class of superhuman's: the NBA. The NBA has some of the greatest athletes in the world who all carry themselves with a unique flare and style, the same way our heroes do the MCU.


The NBA and Marvel have partnered up on a number of occasions to promote new movies, and even broadcast a game that had special graphics. The league will be producing branded merchandise in accordance with the new Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie set to hit theaters this weekend. As we anticipate the newest addition to the MCU, we take a look at NBA players and their Marvel equivalent.

Captain America: Steph Curry

What makes Captain America so great is his resiliency. He's constantly leading the charge into battle and no matter who the foe in-front of him his, he doesn't flinch. Steph Curry embodies Cap because of his leadership and determination. After years of ankle injuries, he never gave up. When Klay Thompson was hurt and the Warriors went through a two year rebuilding phase, Steph kept fighting like they were contenders.

Bucky Barnes: Klay Thompson

Klay Thompson truly is the Bucky Barnes to Steph Curry's Captain America. Whenever Curry needed a helping hand, Thompson was there to rain down three's and keep them in contention. The brotherhood and friendship that the splash brothers have created is a beautiful one.

Iron Man: Luka Doncic

Like Iron Man, Luka Doncic uses his untapped I.Q. to maneuver the battle field of the court to make his opponents look like pawns. Both Iron Man and Doncic have a bottomless bag in their arsenal of weapons. Luka must also go through the same lesson that Iron Man learned, you can't win without playing as a team.

Thor: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Like Thor the god of thunder, Giannis soars through every opponent to rip down dunks like it's nothing. It is truly an understatement to say that Giannis looks like a demigod on the court. Thor also started off as a quiet stoic character in the MCU and has evolved to a hilarious figure, the same evolution we've seen from the Greek Freak.

Hulk: Zion Williamson

If you are looking for a hulking figure that can physically dominant anyone while also jumping to incredible heights, look no further than Zion Williamson. Not only does Zion do the things that Hulk does, he even kind of looks like him with the newly added muscle this offseason.

Thanos: LeBron James

Dread it, run from it, LeBron still arrives. The mad titan Thanos had one goal, collect all the infinity stones to eliminate half the universe. While LeBron may not be chasing rings to wipe out half the population, it's evident that he is on a quest to pass the legacy of Michael Jordan. There have been stretches of James career where it legitimately looked like Thanos and Hulks first encounter.

Loki: James Harden

Like the god of mischief, James Harden is exceptionally crafty with the ball, creating all types of action on offense. We've seen Loki go from trying to destroy the Avengers to virtually joining them, the same way James Harden has abandoned other teams for what seemed like greener pastures. I think the greatest similarity between these two is that i'm really not sure if I consider them a hero or a villain.

Spiderman: Donovan Mitchell

Donovan Mitchell has been given the nickname 'spida' because of speedy ability to rise up and dunk on any defender. His ability to maneuver traffic and even hit shots from deep are the exact qualities of Spiderman. Mitchell also protrudes a sense of youthful giddiness the same way Peter Parker does.

Black Panther: Ja Morant

Ja Morant has been a high-flying superstar since the second he stepped foot onto an NBA court. Like how Black Panther stands for Wakanda, Morant has been taken under the wing by the people of Memphis and sees it as his duty to bring a championship their way.

Doctor Strange: Nikola Jokic

The way that Nikola Jokic is able to dominant an NBA court is truly magical. Whether it's needling passes through impossible windows, or hitting the most unconventional fall-away jumper, Jokic can do it. These are both characters you don't want to cross, because they will come back with a vengeance.

Ultron: Kawhi Leonard

Like the machine Tony Stark created as a bodyguard for the world, Kawhi Leonard is cold, calculated, and robotic on the court. There are no mistakes, there are no second guesses, he knows what his next move is and he is going to take it. Not only did Ultron betray his creator Tony Stark, but Leonard ended up freezing out the Spurs and Greg Popovich, forcing a trade out of San Antonio.

Black Widow: Kevin Durant

Black Widow is a character who has had a lot taken from her. From youth she was put into a world-class group of assassins and taken from her family. After teaming up with the Avengers, she would lose that to. Although it was Durant's decision to leave the Warriors, it's not far off to say he has had quite a bad string of teammates recently. Despite the outside noise surrounding him, Durant always goes out and gets the job done, the same way Natasha Romanoff did.

Groot: Joel Embiid

Lengthy: check. Hilarious and immature: check. Kind of hard to understand: check. Groot and Joel Embiid have more things in common than maybe anyone on this list. Both come in extremely clutch for their squad when they need it most, and almost always deliver it with comedic undertones.

Hawkeye: Damian Lillard

There is nothing like watching Damian Lillard rain down threes from thirty+ feet out. Like Hawkeye, both him and Lillard are scarily accurate with their shot, and have an intense sense of loyalty to those they consider family. Although Dame never tried to sacrifice himself instead of C.J. McCollum at last years trade deadline how Hawkeye did with Black Widow on Vormir, he still remains one of the best teammates anyone could ask for.

Korg: Steven Adams

Korg is simply just Steven Adams in a costume, there is no other way around it.

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