Which NFL Head Coaches Are On The Hot Seat?

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Even though the future of NFL head coaches is always speculated, it tends to reach another level when the regular season is approaching its final weeks. From first-timers to established veterans, coaches can be relieved of their duties if their franchise believes a change is needed. With two weeks remaining in this NFL season, let's look at the head coaches who are in danger of losing their job and are officially on the hot seat.

Matt Nagy, Chicago Bears (5-10 and eliminated from playoff contention)

It's been three years since Nagy's successful first season as the Bears head coach, in which he won 12 games and was named the NFL's Coach of the Year. Since then, Nagy hasn't produced another season with either double-digit wins or a playoff appearance, and there's uncertainty around his ability to develop rookie quarterback Justin Fields.

Pete Carroll, Seattle Seahawks (5-10 and eliminated from playoff contention)

While it wouldn't be a surprise if Carroll and the Seahawks remain together next season, given the number of injuries and changes that transpired, all signs still point to a break-up within a few weeks. Along with the team being 5-10, their worst record ever in Carroll's tenure as head coach, the Seahawks haven't made the NFC Championship in eight years.

Mike Zimmer, Minnesota Vikings (7-8 and one game out of the Wild Card race)

A season without a playoff appearance hasn't been uncommon in the Mike Zimmer era in Minnesota (It has happened four times). But if the Vikings miss the playoffs for the second consecutive season, things can go left. Like Carroll, Zimmer and the Vikings have been together for nearly ten years, and you have to wonder if there's any room for growth and success.

Vic Fangio, Denver Broncos (Currently 7-8 and one game out of the Wild Card race)

To say the Broncos' 3-0 start earlier this season feels like a distant memory is an understatement. Minus getting a pair of late-season wins and a lot of help from opposing teams, Fangio will miss the playoffs for the third consecutive season, and the Broncos are in the worst position possible: A team that's stuck in the middle.

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