What Could Happen at NFL's Trade Deadline?

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As the NFL inches closer to the halfway point of its new 18-week regular season, the league has a huge stop to make next Tuesday (Nov. 2nd): The trade deadline. While the NFL’s trade deadline is hardly as action-packed as the NBA’s version, the entire football world looks forward to this occasion because of the anticipation that a big move or two might occur. Here are three predictions of what will happen next Tuesday. 

Deshaun Watson won't be traded

The Ravens will trade for someone but who?

Teams will trust their practice squads more than ever

We're used to brushing by news of practice squad transactions, but there’s a reason why every team has been deeply invested in having a practice squad as a way to nurture young talent. Besides offering insurance against injuries, practice squads are important because they offer a place to stash talented, raw players so that they can learn the scheme and be prepared to step up if needed.

If this year's trade deadline is quieter than previous years, it's likely because teams believe in their practice squad players to contribute down the stretch, thereby lessening the need to trade for veterans from another team. And honestly, who could blame them? Given the state of college football and how much it's improved in recent years, there's been a growing slate of practice squad players who could capably hold their own—and even excel—if given the chance at this level. 

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