Here's Who NWA Powerrr Needs to Sign

The National Wrestling Alliance’s throwback series would continue to skyrocket with these stars in tow

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What’s old is new again. The National Wrestling Alliance has taken that phrase to heart and applied it to its latest weekly series presentation. NWA Powerrr has added more fuel to the wrestling boom by giving old-school wrestling fans a throwback to the days of studio wrestling.

The more intimate feel of the show’s production combined with the strong promo work and in-ring efforts put on by the NWA’s top athletes have earned rave reviews. Stars such as the reigning and defending NWA World Heavyweight Champion Nick Aldis, NWA National Heavyweight Champion James Storm, Eli Drake, Tim Storm and countless others have placed the legendary organization in a better light these days. And thanks to the commendable quality of NWA Powerrr, those same individuals are quickly turning into 2019’s highlighted wrestling greats in a year overflowing with them.

NWA Powerrr is continuing to keep the ball rolling and develop its wrestlers and feuds into a can’t-miss prospect. With the added presence of the following wrestling luminaries, the rejuvenated brand can reach even greater heights within its genre.


Montel Vontavious Porter, aka “MVP” is a world-traveled veteran with plenty of gas left in the tank. His stints in the WWE, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Impact Wrestling and Major League Wrestling were extremely fruitful. MVP’s superb character work, exceptional squared circle prowess and unique look made him worth paying attention to whenever he entered the scene.

These days, he’s added the combat art of Brazilian jiujitsu to his repertoire and even competed in some notable grappling tournaments. MVP’s a familiar face that fans still have an affinity for, plus he’s not too shabby when it comes to getting a reaction on the mic. NWA Powerrr would only improve if it put MVP back in the spotlight underneath its revived company banner.

Martin Casaus, aka Marty "The Moth" Martinez

The memorable run of Lucha Underground is still talked about as if it just happened yesterday. The little wrestling show that could earned itself a look from curious wrestling fans thanks to its more outlandish storylines, intriguing gimmicks and plentiful array of worthwhile bouts.

One of the wackier personalities from that seemingly defunct show was Marty “The Moth” Martinez, a huge brute that was equal parts disturbing and ruthless. The man known in real life as Martin Casaus put on amazing contests with the very best of Lucha Underground regularly. Now that the show has gone silent, the NWA would be wise to give Martin a chance at adding his creepy demeanor and big-man moveset to their studio spectacle.


Carlito’s name has made the rounds in wrestling out of nowhere recently. Savio Vega—remember him?—brought up his name in a shoot interview and alluded to the fact that WWE has reached out to the former star about making a return. Judging by the current standing of WWE talents like Shelton Benjamin, Curt Hawkins and Jinder Mahal, Carlito would be much better of staying far away from his former employer. Instead, the underrated Puerto Rican superstar would be much better off plying his trade with the current-day NWA. Carlito’s high-flying offense and appropriately cool personality were magnetic back in the day, and we’re sure it still is. The international flavor Carlito brings with him is practically perfect for NWA Powerrr.

Chris Dickinson

If the NWA is in the market for a powerhouse competitor, Chris Dickinson should be at the top of their list. Dickinson’s intimidating presence is reminiscent of classic NWA grapplers/brawlers such as Arn Anderson, Ron Garvin and the Road Warriors. His in-ring legitimacy has never come into question thanks to his strong work seen within Combat Zone Wrestling, EVOLVE Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling and Limitless Wrestling. Dickinson can mix it up with all types of wrestlers from different in-ring disciplines, which makes him one of our preferred choices for a future NWA talent acquisition. An episode of NWA Powerrr that features a drag-out banger between Chris Dickinson and Eddie Kingston would be a headline grabber if it ever took place.

Cheerleader Melissa

Not only does the NWA have an array of quality male athletes in rotation, but it also houses a notable women’s division. At the top of that division is NWA World Women’s Champion Allysin Kay, while contenders such as Ashley Vox, Marti Belle and Thunder Rosa have also been thrown into the mix. There’s always room for wrestlers to enter the NWA women’s title scene.

Cheerleader Melissa’s long list of credentials makes her a top candidate for that hot scene. Melissa last appeared on TV as Mariposa, the twisted sister of Marty Martinez. She excelled in that role and did pretty well against her male counterparts as well. Longtime followers of her work know just how outstanding she is. She was once recognized as the top female wrestler in the world by Pro Wrestling Illustrated, which points to her top-tier status. Cheerleader Melissa should be allowed to showcase her greatness on NWA’s newest weekly platform.

Mercedes Martinez

Another woman who’s worthy of being included in NWA Powerrr’s exciting women’s title picture is Mercedes Martinez. That name should be familiar to anyone who follows All Elite Wrestling, as she popped up to steal the show during All Out’s Casino Battle Royale. You’d think she’d be signed as a full-time roster member after such a strong performance, but her contract status is currently unknown.

If AEW isn’t looking to make her a full-time roster member, then the NWA should step in to acquire her services. Mercedes can be relied upon to deliver great matches with anyone, and her gimmick can be applied to both a face and heel structure. Hell, she’d make for a newly added element to Eddie Kingston and Homicide’s street hoodlums act too. Martinez deserves another relevant stage to work on. And that stage is the one that belongs to NWA Powerrr.

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