Here Are Our Wildest NBA Playoff Predictions: Round 2

How far do the Celtics go? Is Boban about to make or break a series? And more!

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Although the first round of the NBA Playoffs isn't quite decided yet, we know you're already thinking about the second round. And why shouldn't you be? If these first-round series' results hold, we're looking at a Rockets-Warriors playoff rematch, an insane scramble for the Eastern Conference Finals with four really good teams in the mix and a surprisingly plucky Trailblazers team doing damage without much in the way of expectation. Whoever is left standing at the end will have certainly earned it, but a lot of teams will probably (and should!) feel good about making it to the Conference Finals in their respective conference. It's the NBA and storylines don't sleep, even on travel days.

So, before Round 2 gets underway, we're launching another edition of our premature predictions series. Enjoy these takes.

It's Boban Time

San Antonio will beat Denver and then beat Portland to go to the Western Conference Finals. Sixers will upset Toronto to go to the ECF. Oh, and Boban will be the x-factor.

—Omari White

This Klay Fit Will Not Be Topped

The heightened pressure of the playoffs has led to some diamond-caliber fits. But no one is topping this Klay fit, period.

Corban Goble

The Clippers and Nets Just Emerged in the KD Sweepstakes

While the Nets and Clippers both lost the battle, they may win the war. Both proved that they are extremely capable franchises in massive markets and honestly could now be the favorites to add Kevin Durant this offseason.

—Jacob Forchheimer

The Sixers Run Out of Steam

My working theory: The Sixers could handle one good player. But can they handle two good players?

Raptors in six.

Ryan Haney

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