Which Clubs Have Won the Premier League Title?

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Michael Regan / Staff

The Premier League has been the epicenter of European football for decades and as another season begins next week the usual suspects will be looking to win yet another top-flight title.

Defending champions Manchester City have won the Premier League in three of the last four seasons, and they’ve officially overtaken England as the most dominant club during the past decade.

Meanwhile, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United are expected to be major players in the title race this season, but these are typically the same teams competing for glory each season.

Outside of Blackburn Rovers, Arsenal and Leicester City, these four top-four contenders have won the Premier League in 24 of the 29 seasons during the PL era.

Here’s a look at each winner of England's top flight since 1992/93 when the Premier League era officially began.

Premier League Winners Since 1992/93

1992/93: Manchester United

1993/94: Manchester United

1994/95: Blackburn Rovers

1995/96: Manchester United

1996/97: Manchester United

1997/98: Arsenal

1998/99: Manchester United

1999/00: Manchester United

2000/01: Manchester United

2001/02: Arsenal

2002/03: Manchester United

2003/04: Arsenal

2004/05: Chelsea

2005/06: Chelsea

2006/07: Manchester United

2007/08: Manchester United

2008/09: Manchester United

2009/10: Chelsea

2010/11: Manchester United

2011/12: Manchester City

2012/13: Manchester United

2013/14: Manchester City

2014/15: Chelsea

2015/16: Leicester City

2016/17: Chelsea

2017/18: Manchester City

2018/19: Manchester City

2019/20: Liverpool

2020/21: Manchester City

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