The Most Memorable Pro-Wrestling Mic Fails, According to The Wrestling Classic

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Hey everyone! It's "The Wrestling Classic" Justin here with another article for One37PM. This was inspired by pages such as @wrestlbotch on Instagram and the Botchamania channel on YouTube. This article is not a list, but more of a trip down memory lane with some of the most memorable mic slips and promo botches of all time.

When it comes to professional wrestling, we know how important the promos are to guiding a story or hyping up an upcoming match, but sometimes things don't always go as planned. Whether it's the pressure of live television, trying to remember a script or both, there have been a lot of memorable mic mishaps on television. Some of these moments were funny, some of them were cringe and others were controversial but all of them were memorable indeed. I tried to find each moment online so you are able to relive these moments while reading the article, but if I couldn't find it online, I will make sure to share the dates for the events so you can go find the clip. I hope you all enjoy!

Hulk Hogan Promo 2003

Lex Luger vs NWA Cyberspace

It's Live Pal - Sid

Mean Gene F Bomb

Mike Adamle - Jeff Harvey

Magnum TA's Promise to Tully Blanchard

Roman Reigns Forgets His Lines

Kicking Legs

The Narcissist

Miz's First Night

The Infamous Booker T Promo

What's My Line

The SilverDome

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