Randy Costa Talks MMA Debut, Candy, and Putting on Weight


UFC bantamweight, Randy Costa, talked with Bo Templin for this week's episode of In The Fight.

The Massachusetts native is so young in his MMA career. He has a 2-1 record in the UFC and a 6-1 record overall in MMA. In September of last year, Costa earned Performance of the Night with a spectacular head kick knockout.

Costa and Templin talked on the seven-year anniversary of his MMA debut, which they spent some time reflecting on. Templin asks Costa how he would like to see his career in another seven years.

After going through his career, the two talk about what motivates Costa. Some fighters are obsessed with getting the belt. Other fighters want the big pay day.

"Unlike a lot of people, I don't give a fuck about the belt" Costa says.

"I'm chasing something bigger than that, I'm chasing happiness. If I'm happy dude, then I don't care. I get to live my dream. I live on the beach. I work out every day and I get to fight a couple of times a year."

The convo then pivots to something important to the both of them... and that is candy.

Costa is known for being a huge fan of Reese's. He's a madman about it. And Templin isn't a slouch when it comes to sweets either.

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