#RespectReplay: Buffalo Bills Fans Showed Andy Dalton Love for Helping the Bills Make the Playoffs in 2017

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Ian Johnson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Last year, Bengals QB Andy Dalton helped send the Buffalo Bills to their first NFL playoffs in 17 years. His fourth-quarter touchdown against the Ravens in the Bengals' final game was all that was needed to knock the Ravens out of playoff contention, and help the Bills clinch a playoff berth.

So when Dalton came to Buffalo during a preseason game this year, the notorious Bills Mafia gave the opposing quarterback a standing ovation, thanking him for inadvertently breaking their playoff drought. On top of the applause, last year Bills fans raised $400,000 for Dalton's charity after he sent them to the post-season—absolutely amazing.

"It’s a crazy story and it’s been fun to be on this side of it and going through it. The best part is all the money that was raised and how many families and how many children we were able to help,” Dalton said after the game.

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