Steph Curry Launches UNDERRATED Golf and Here's What You Should Know

We checked back in with the UNDERRATED crew for their golf launch.

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Last month, we checked in with the UNDERRATED team for their basketball tournament, and this time around we’re checking back in with the crew for the launch of UNDERRATED Golf, an expansion of Steph’s existing inspiring lifestyle brand. For those that don’t know, golf is one of the most inaccessible sports for underrepresented individuals across the globe, which is why Stephen and his team are expanding the UNDERRATED brand beyond basketball.

The vision of UNDERRATED Golf is to better reflect and balance the diversity of our society and most of all provide access to the countless opportunities that the game brings both on and off the course. This new venture will also allow young golfers to play on courses that they would never have access to, all the while addressing the gender inequity within the sport of golf and beyond, ensuring young female players are given the same opportunities as their male counterparts.

And that’s not all folks.

We spoke with Will Lowery, UNDERRATED Golf Professional and Tour Ambassador to learn more. 

ONE37pm: Congrats on the launch of UNDERRATED Golf. We all know about Steph’s passion for golf, so this was the natural next step, right?

Lowery: Absolutely! Steph is always trying to figure out where we can make a massive impact. We really feel that our sweet spot is golf because it’s not really being done that much.

ONE37pm: Golf is one of the most inaccessible sports for underrepresented individuals across the globe, which is something that isn’t talked about nearly enough. Could you expand more on that?

Lowery: We are fully aware that Golf is culture capital. Through UNDERRATED Golf, the goal is for these kids to recognize that golf is means to social and upward mobility. We know that not everyone will be able to play professionally, however we want to make a point that kids can still grow through the game. The PGA Tour has less than 2% of African-American golfers, there’s less than  1% of PGA Club Professionals  and collegiate golf has less than 2% as well. Those participation numbers are the things that we are looking to change.

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ONE37pm: How involved is Steph in this initiative?

Lowery: Oh he’s very involved! He’s definitely tapped in and CC’d on every email!

ONE37pm: What can we expect in the future?

Lowery: One of our goals is hitting markets that are less represented such as Atlanta and Florida for example. Our goal is to be something that is global!

You can keep up with the UNDERRATED team on Instagram and Twitter.

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